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495M 1896, 5˘ envelope + 5˘ & 8˘ Bureau Issues on registered cover to HUNGARY, nice Transatlantic cover, $250.00  
496P 1897, Incoming to Hungary from PARAGUAY via Buenos Aires on 5˘ envelope + 15˘, VF and scarce origination, $100.00  
497B 1898, Hungary Udvozlet MOOROL Gruss Aus card, VF, $50.00  
497C 1898, Hungary Udvozlet BUDAPESTROL Gruss Aus card, $38.00  
497D 1898, Hungary Udvozlet PARAD FURDOBOL Gruss Aus card, VF, $45.00  
497H 1899, Hungary Gruss Aus PISTVAN card, VF, $35.00  
497HJA (1900) Gruss Aus Budapest postcard, unused, VF, $32.00  
497HJD Gruss Aus GROSS-KORIS card, unused, VF, $40.00  
497HJE 1900, Udvozlet Cs. Somorjabol, used, VF, $32.00  
497HJG (1900) Group of 5 diff Turn of the Century Gruss Aus postcards, used, VF, $45.00  
497HJH (1900) Group of 23 diff Turn of the Century postcards, used, VF, $95.00  
497L 1901, Hungary Udvozlet SZLIACSROL Gruss Aus card, VF, $35.00  
506A 1902, Hungary Vdvozlet BUDAPESTROL Gruss Aus card, VF, $35.00  
510JE 1906, Humorous postcard of Moon smoking pipe and drunks, used, VF, $30.00  
514K 1914, 25f+10f semi postals tied on cover to BRAZIL, scarcer destination, $75.00  
514M WWI Fieldpost cover w/tied MANILOVA FOND 24th Regiment local, untied example reverse, VF, scarce, $175.00  

AUSTRIA/HUNGARY, 1915 “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, bold strike, Flight No. 6-8, yellow card w/all proper markings, scarce, VF, Kohl (1998) $900.00, $450.00


AUSTRIA/HUNGARY, “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, undated on scarcer blue green card w/all proper markings, $250.00

515B AUSTRIA/HUNGARY, 1915, “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, Flight No. 12, manila card w/all proper markings, scarce, VF, Kohl (1998) $600.00, $300.00  

AUSTRIA/HUNGARY, 1915, “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, Flight No. 12, rose card w/all proper markings to Czechoslovakia, VF, scarcer, Kohl (1998) $615.00+, $375.00


AUSTRIA/HUNGARY, 1915, “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, Flight No. 9, scarcer green card w/all proper markings, VF, Kohl (1998) $495.00, $250.00


AUSTRIA/HUNGARY,  1915 “Fliegerpost Przemysl”, Flight No. 9, yellow card w/all proper markings, scarce, VF, Kohl (1998) $480.00, $325.00

518AE 1919, Mixed Romania/Hungary franking on large registered cover, VF, $20.00  
518AH 1921, Philatelic Expo card w/special roller cancel, VF, $24.00  
518AM 1921/43, 5 diff Hungary Stamp Expo cards/labels, all properly tied, nice group, VF, $60.00  

518BA 1924  to Budapest to Esztergom Flight, w/multi franking on special event card, VF, $35.00  

518BB 1924, Budapest card w/special cancel, VF, $24.00  



1925, Budapest to Szeged Flight card, colorful multi franking and appropriate flight cancel in purple, VF, $25.00

518CA 1925, Budapest to Szeged Flight cover multi franked plus special flight label, VF, $30.00



1927, special Flight card with red triangle cancel, 2f stamp tied, reverse with airplane and meeting information, all cards are numbered and 1,000 were produced but number used unknown, VF, $30.00


518G 1927, Budapest-Gyor flight card w/graphic roller cancel and Special flight Label reverse, VF, $40.00  

518H 1929, Privately printed postal stationery, 50Korona bicolor w/postal franking on reverse, quite unusual, VF, $70.00  



1931,Zeppelin Flight Round Trip, C13 & C24 Zeppelin ovpt tied, proper blue cachet, VF, $110.00




1930, Provisional Handstamp BUJ provided to new post office in lieu of a definitive town canceling device which would be supplied at a later date, used on 1 filler form plus added postage, interesting, $50.00


1931, Zeppelin Flight Budapest Circuit franked w/2p Zepp Ovpt (C25) + others, VF, $79.00



1932, Scarce destination cover to BAHAMAS, neat single franking cover with clear arrival cds, $140.00


522X 1934, Debrecen-Budapest First flight franked w/scarce #486 Souvenir Sheet, VF, $95.00  
522XA 1934, Budapest Jubilee card w/special meter cancel and 20f souvenir sheet (Scott 486-$100.00+), VF, $68.00  

524 1938, Ferenc card w/special Meter Cancel and label, VF, $28.00  



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