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173V 1865, Folded Letter from Bjornborg Finland via St. Petersburg w/bold red AUS RUSSLAND Railway postmark to Carlshutte in Holstein, VF, $210.00  


1868, 40p type 1 Roulette III tied Wiborg on folded letter to Uleaborg w/ANK arrival markings, strong color and full teeth, VF, $290.00


174AC 1868, 40pen roulette II full teeth tied by boxed RAUMO on cover to Latvia, VF, Facit $490.00, $250.00  
174AF 1868, 40pen Roulette III with white Dot in N variety (Facit 9v8) tied by boxed Karis to Riga Latvia, VF, $425.00  



1869, 10p pair, roulette III (Scott 8), tied Wiborg on folded letter to Lauritsala, ANK arrival marking, beautiful example of this scarce usage, Facit retail $2,250.00, $1,150.00


1870, 40p roulette III + 8p (2) roulette II, tied on cover to Germany via St. Petersburg, quite scarce and attractive, Facit $2,900.00, $1,350.00



1871, 40pen + 8pen (x2) roulette III tied by blue Tammerfors on 56pen rate cover to Germany via St. Petersburg, a beautiful cover with red, blue and black transit markings, Facit $3,200.00, $1,500.00

174DF 1871, 5p (x4), laid paper, roulette III all tied Abo to Mustiala w/blue ANK arrival mark, stamps w/some teeth missing as usual, a very scarce and attractive postal history item, $625.00  


1873, 10pen, roulette II, pair tied ABO on folded letter to Raumo, Perfect Teeth and gorgeous exhibition item, signed Richter, VF+, $1,275.00

174GL 1873, 40 pen roulette I (Facit 9v1C1) with PERFECT TEETH tied by pen cancel on cover to Kristinestad, blue Uleaborg transit cancel, VF+, Facit $630.00, $350.00  


1874, 5p roul. II (Scott 12a) tied by blue Helsingfors on circular, bottom margin copy, attractive interesting printed matter rate, $525.00


174R 1902, 4kop tied Borga on postcard to ARGENTINA, scarce destination (bkstp), VF, $65.00  


1903, 10kop (Russian) tied on cover to SOUTH AFRICA (bkstp), scarcer destination, $75.00  

174X 1904, Ship cover to Abo w/20pen tied reverse and beautiful ship cancel on front, nice item, $125.00  
174Y 1905, Mixed Finland #56 and Russia #43-4 tied Helsinki o small piece, nice combo item, VF, $95.00  
175C Finland Numeral Town Cancels on cover, 9 different, all VF, $59.00  

175D 1906-14, NUMBERAL Town cancels on postal cards, 4 diff, all bold strikes, VF, $49.00  
175HA 1920ís, Village cancel MAJANOJA ties 7mk on postcard, VF, $20.00  
175HC 1921, 1 ½ mk on 50pen tied on cover with Tourist Stamp to ARGENTINA, pretty and scarcer destination, VF, $75.00  
175HP 1925, Village cancel YLIVALLI ties 1mk to postcard, VF, $24.00  

1928, Clock “Otava” advertising cover w/1 ½ mk tied, ad covers unusual for Scandinavia countries, VF, $24.00


175LP 1942, WWII Feldpost cover w/Finnish & German censor markings plus st. line SS-Vapaaehtoistoimisto in purple, scarce and VF, $95.00  
175NA 1943, Village cancel SUURILA ties 50p to postcard, VF, $20.00  
175NC 1947, Village cancel RISTINUMMI ties 1mk stamps to local cover, VF, $20.00  
175NDB 1952, 8mk green single franking on cover to U.S., VF, Facit $22.00, $12.00  

1962, Bus Stamps tied on document (Q6,7,8), VF, $22.00

175NFA Bus Stamps (Q6-9) tied on 2 separate documents, VF, $45.00  
175NK 1963, Military Stamp (M8) tied on FDC from soldier, VF, Facit $160.00, $105.00  
175NL 1963, Military Stamp (M8) tied on parcel card from soldier, VF, Facit $240.00, $115.00  
175NPH 1965, Bus Stamps tied on document (Q10,13), VF, $25.00  
175NQ 1983, Military Stamp w/1983 ovpt tied on cover from soldier, VF, Facit $225.00 $125.00  

175T 1903, Postal card from ALAND to Helsingfors w/ship-on-oval cancel and Abo transit, beautiful bold strike, VF, $80.00  
175TB 1904 postal card w/bold WARDO town cancel to Abo, VF, scarcer, $40.00  
175TM 1910, 2k pair tied by neat SALTVIK town cancel to U.S., VF, $35.00  

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