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209AM Early Greenland postcard w/Portugal franking, not rare but unusual, VF, $45.00  
209AN First Issues 1ore (x5) + 5ore to make the 10ore rate to Denmark, all tied w/4 Boxed FRA GRONLAND cancels, VF, $49.00  
209ANC 1938, First issues #'s 1-5,7 tied Ivigtut on FDC addressed to Denmark, scarce, Facit for complete set $550.00, $125.00  
209AND 1938, 1,3 FDC – Ivigtut 27/11/38, VF, $42.00  
209ANH 1939, 1,3, FDC – Umanak 11/2/39, VF, $50.00  
209ANJ 1939, 1,3, FDC - Faeringerhavn 16/4/39, VF, $60.00  
209AP 1939, Complete First Issue on registered cover to Norway tied Julianehaab, VF, $125.00  


209AQ 1939, Danish North Greenland Expedition card, 10ore tied w/special cancel and Kobenhavn arrival, VF, $24.00  

209AUE 1941, 5ore tied Ivigtut on Censored cover to U.S. via Eastern Arctic Patrol R.M.S. Canada, these are scarce $175.00  
209AUJ 1941, Greenland APO 809 tying 3˘ U.S. on cacheted cover, VF, $30.00  
209AUL 1942, APO 809a Simiutaq Air Force Base, this post office was opened on March 16th and closed 40 days later, a scarce APO and this is a First day cover, VF, $75.00  
209AV 1943, Official Cover w/enclosed lengthy letter from Godthaab to Jakobshavn in North Greenland, covers from officials not requiring postage are very scarce, $250.00  

1944, Unfranked Official Mail Cover from Kutdligssat to Godthaab pr. ship “Fylla”, label reverse, VF, $125.00

209AVM 1944, Unfranked Official Mail cover from Upernavik Postmaster to Godthaab w/label reverse, VF, $125.00  
209AVN 1944, Unfranked Official mail cover from Julianehaab Postmaster to Ivigtut, VF, $110.00  

1945, 1st issue set tied Godhavn w/scarce red EXPRESS label on card to Denmark, VF, $100.00

209AVR 1945, 30 ore Polar Bear single franking tied Jakobshavn on cover to U.S., label reverse, $80.00  
209AVS 1945, 7ore + 30ore tied Godhavn Feb 1, 1945, unusual FDC, VF, $210.00  
209AVT 1945, Complete set on FDC tied Godthaab, VF, $275.00  
209AVU 1945, Complete set (#10-18) on FDC, tied Scoresbysund, VF, $225.00
209AVV 1946, 20ore + 40ore 1st Issues tied Christianshaab on regis. Cover to Denmark, scarcer and VF, Facit $100.00+, $59.00  

209AVW 1947, Complete first issue set of 9 (unusual to find as the set was issued on 2 different dates), all tied Frederikshaab to Denmark, blue crown oval cancel reverse, VF, $110.00  

1948, Complete set #1-9 w/Pearyland cancel, Postcard arctic scene reverse, quite scarce w/complete set, $90.00

209AWQ 1949, BLUIE WEST 1 Flight card, 15ore tied Gronlands Styrelse (wow. 600kr), VF, $50.00  
209AWS 1949, scarce type I Prins Christians Sund cancel on multi franked cover to U.S., VF, $135.00  
209AXE 1950, BLUIE WEST I in combo with Austrian Balloon Flight, 15ore tied by Gronlands Styrelse (Wow. 600kr), VF and scarce, $75.00  

1951, 50ore ship tied Julianhaab w/S/S Gustav Holm ship handstamp, to England, VF, Facit $100.00+, $65.00

209AXT 1952, First Polar Flight cover Los Angeles via Thule to Denmark w/15¢ and Polar Bear label tied, VF, $65.00  
209AXU 1952, 50ore + 10ore tied by rare Prins Christiana Sund cancel on beautiful Polar Bear cacheted cover, VF, $100.00  

1952, Parcel Card to Kudtligssat Greenland w/multi-franked Danish tied Gronlands Department, VF, $75.00

209AYC 1953, Commercial cover with contents, multifranked and tied w/4 strikes of scarce Prins Christians Sun cancel, VF, $125.00  
209AYF 1953, Multi franked including scarcer 40ore polar bear tied Egedesminde on regisistered cover to U.S., received unsealed handstamp and U.S. Postal label reverse, VF, $125.00  
209AYG 1953, Type I Ivigtut cancels ties multi franked including scarcer 30ore polar bear on registered cover to U.S., no backflap and slightly trimmed at top, $70.00  
209AYH 1953, Type I Gronnedal cancel ties multi franked including scarcer 30ore polar bear on printed matter cover to U.S., no backflap and slightly trimmed at top, $70.00  
209AYJ 1953, Scarce type I Danmarkshavn cancel ties multi franked on registered cover to U.S., handwritten registration label, no backflap and trimmed at top $95.00  
209AYL 1953, 1kr Polar Bear (Scott 9) tied Sukkertoppen on registered cover to U.S., scarcer and VF, Facit $120.00, $70.00  
209BA 1956, Polar Bear Ovpts, FDC, to U.S., VF, $16.00  
209BFC 1958, Scottish East Greenland Expedition cover w/stamps tied by MESTERS VIG, proper cachet and signed by expedition leader Dr. Slessor, few signed, VF, $30.00  
209BFE 1958, 30ore Fred IX pair tied by Sukkertoppen and blue Glacier Expedition cancel to England, VF, $45.00  
209BG 1959, B2 (43v) Semi-postal Ovpt showing “F under R” variety tied on FDC, VF, Facit for stamp off cover $36.00++, $22.00  
209BH 1959, “Dear Doctor” card from Abbot Labs, scarcer and VF, $30.00  
209BJB 1960, French Polar Expedition cover, multi franked and signed by P.E. Victor, proper cancels, VF, $35.00  

1960, Air registered anniversary cover franked w/scarcer issues used, #19-21, VF, $90.00

209BWB 1963, Scottish East Greenland Expedition cover, 15ore tied Angmagssalik, cacheted and signed, VF, $15.00  

209BX 1969, 50ore tied on Watkins Mts. Scoresbysund Expedition card and signed by explorers, VF, $30.00
209BXB 1970, 19-27 Complete set of Liberation Ovpts in Blocks of 4, all tied Sukkertoppen on special 25 year Anniversary covers, VF, Scott for singles alone $4,450.00, $2,250.00
209BXC 1970, 22a-27a, Complete set of WRONG COLOR Liberation Ovpts, all tied Sukkertoppen on special 25 year Anniversary covers, VF, Scott for singles alone $7,600.00, $3,700.00
209BXF 1971, Semi Postal #34 tied by unlisted cancel INSPEKTIONSKUTTERN MAAGEN, VF, $15.00

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