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1809, Stampless Folded Letter St. Croix to Portland Maine, red SHIP and Boston transits rated manuscript 14 ˝ , VF, DWI mails Price Guide Range $500-$1000, $395.00  
37LE 1831, Stampless Folded Letter from St. Thomas to Philadelphia with “6” rate marking, VF, $85.00  
37LM 1845, Stampless Folded Letter, St. Thomas to London, Forwarding Agent cachet in blue DEGATAU & Co. and double line arc St. Thomas, VF, $135.00  

37N 1852, cover w/letter enclosed from Barbados via St. Thomas (bkstp) to NY, British Crowned Circle Paid St. Thomas in red, black steamship arrival cds, scarcer markings, nice item, VF, $200.00  


1854, Stampless folded Letter originating Puerto Rico, via St. Thomas to New York and forwarded by ‘FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE – St. Thomas” in black oval, SHIP “7” and Boston transits, scarce and VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $300-$600/Facit $440.00, $275.00  


1856, Stampless Folded Letter Frederiksted via St. Thomas – London – Hamburg to Denmark, scarce single-line crowned St. Thomas in red plus numerous transits in red and black, very attractive and VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $450-$900/Facit $1,250.00, $625.00  
37Z 1865, Stampless Letter originating Maricaibo VENEZUELA via St. Thomas to New York, red St. Thomas A PAID and black “10”, VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $125-$300, $125.00  


1869, scarce Printed Matter Rate folded letter St. Thomas to France, GB 4d tied by C51 vertical oval paid double 2d rate, London and Calais transits on front, VF, $995.00



1870, folded letter St. Thomas to Germany with beautiful GB franking, 6d violet pair +1d pair all tied by vertical oval C51, red St. Thomas cds + PD also on front, $495.00  
38AF 1870, 10˘ (#116) tied N. York Steamship on arrival in NY and originating in Danish West Indies – St. Thomas cds, stamp w/small repaired tear probably at time of mailing, attractive and scarce ship cover, listed but unpriced in Scott, $1,350.00  

38DM 1874, Stampless Letter St. Thomas to France via London, blacck British “GBIF60c” Transit, VF, $125.00


1875, U.S. 10˘ Banknote tied by New York Steamship cancel on neat small cover St. Thomas via ship ‘South America” to New Jersey, on July 1st rate had been changed to 5˘ but information not passed on as of July 14th, VF, $350.00


1877, Panama to London via St. Thomas where British 1sh + 6p tied by C51 vertical oval cancel, VF, $395.00  
39F 1881, Venezuela to U.S. via St. Thomas, 50˘ + 25˘ triple rate cover w/red French Packet cancel on front and transit & arrival markings reverse, cover trimmed at right, scarce and attractive, $725.00  

1891, 2˘ envelope tied St. Thomas to FINLAND via German ship AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln transit and Helsingfors arrival cds, purple Bache & Co. handstamp on front, scarcer destination and VF, $320.00


39K 1891, 2¢ Danish West Indies envelope tied St. Thomas to SWEDEN via German ship with AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln transit and Goteburg arrival cds, pretty blue Bache & Co. handstamp on front, scarcer destination and nice item, VF, $320.00  

39L 1891, 2¢ postal card + 1¢ bisect tied St. Thomas to NY, scarcer and VF, $100.00  

1895, 3˘ + 4˘ on 3˘ envelope tied St. Thomas to Germany (bkstp), vertical file fold at far left, pretty, $220.00

39W 1893, 3˘ + 7˘ (Scott 6,9/Facit 6,9) tied St. Thomas to U.S., scarce franking, a few blunted perfs at right, very attractive, Facit $2,400.00, $695.00  


1896, Scarce St. Jan cancel on 3˘ envelope to Christiansted via Frederiksted and St. Thomas, all bkstp, VF, $150.00  


1899, Two 5˘ bicolor perf 13 tied St. Thomas to NY with local corner advertising (you see very little of this from DWI), a very nice VF item, $290.00

41ABP 1900, 2¢ envelope + 1¢ tied St. Thomas, local use, VF, Facit FK7, 1800kr, $75.00  
41ABT 1901, 10¢ Bicolor p. 13 tied St. Thomas on cover to New York (bkstp), very scarce and VF, Facit $1,650.00, $775.00  

1901, Mixed issue 3˘ bicolor + 5˘ Coat of Arms on 2˘ envelope all tied St. Thomas to Denmark and FORWARDED back to MARIBO (bkstp), quite scarce and attractive usage, $390.00



1902, 1˘ Coat of Arms pair tried St. Thomas on postcard to Germany with German ship cancel AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln, VF, $220.00  


1902, 12˘ bicolor + 1˘ Coat of Arms on registered cover to Germany (bkstp) via France, a few blunted perfs at top of 12˘ but very rare usage, Facit $4,000.00, $1,250.00  


1902, Mixed Issue underfranked cover to US w/Postage Due marking/2 Cent collected on reverse, interesting and very pretty cover, $440.00

41BZ 1903, 4¢ bisect (Scott 18a) tied Frederiksted on VF local cover, Facit $145.00, $65.00  
41C 1903, 4˘ bisect (Scott 18a) tied St. Thomas on neat small cover, VF, Facit $145.00, $65.00  
41CA 1903, 4¢ Bisects p. 14 x 13 ½ (Scott 7c) , 2 covers local use showing LL and LR bisect corners, tied Frederiksted and Christiansted, VF, Facit $350.00, $160.00  
41CC 1903, 4¢ bisect, p. 14 x 13 ½ (Scott 7c) tied Christiansted on VF local cover, Facit $190.00, $85.00  

1904, 8˘ Coat of Arms tied St. Thomas on mourning cover to Germany (bkstp), backflap missing, quite scarce usage, Facit $525.00, $190.00

41JM 1905, 2˘ Coat of Arms tied St. Thomas on postcard to U.S., VF, Facit $285.00, $120.00  
41JN 1905, 7˘ bicolor + 5Bit tied St. Thomas on beautiful mixed issue cover to Denmark (bkstp), rare and VF, Facit $2,200.00+, $1,100.00  
41M 1907, 10Bit chr. IX tied by 4-ring cancel from Christiansted w/bold “C” reverse, VF, $65.00  
41MB 1907, Incoming Danish card to St. Thomas, VF, $44.00  

41PA 1909, Incoming postcard from Denmark with Christiansted arrival cancel, reverse “Storming of Kobenhavn”, VF, $40.00  
41TJ 1911, 40Bit single usage on commercial cover to U.S. per S.S. Parima, scarce, Facit $475.00, $200.00  


1915, multi mixed franking, 5 Cent + 4 Cent +1 Cent (3) Coat of Arms and Bicolor issues, tied St. Thomas and Registered to Mass., VF, beautiful 3-color cover, $350.00

42H 1917, 40Bit Fred VIII tied Christiansted 3/30/1917 LAST DAY of use, VF, Facit $325.00++, $225.00  
42HJ 1917, Mixed U.S. & DWI franking on TRANSITION PERIOD cover, 7˘ bicolor rarely found used on cover, VF, $675.00  
42HL 1917, Mixed 2¢ U.S. + 30Bit DWI franking on Transition cover w/LAST MOMENT FRANKING 5PM 9/29/17, VF, $275.00  

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