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1809, Stampless Folded Letter St. Croix to Portland Maine, red SHIP and Boston transits rated manuscript 14 ˝ , VF, DWI mails Price Guide Range $500-$1000, $395.00  
37LE 1831, Stampless Folded Letter from St. Thomas to Philadelphia with “6” rate marking, VF, $85.00  
37LM 1845, Stampless Folded Letter, St. Thomas to London, Forwarding Agent cachet in blue DEGATAU & Co. and double line arc St. Thomas, VF, $135.00  


1854, Stampless folded Letter originating Puerto Rico, via St. Thomas to New York and forwarded by ‘FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE – St. Thomas” in black oval, SHIP “7” and Boston transits, scarce and VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $300-$600/Facit $440.00, $275.00  


1856, Stampless Folded Letter Frederiksted via St. Thomas – London – Hamburg to Denmark, scarce single-line crowned St. Thomas in red plus numerous transits in red and black, very attractive and VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $450-$900/Facit $1,250.00, $625.00  
37Z 1865, Stampless Letter originating Maricaibo VENEZUELA via St. Thomas to New York, red St. Thomas A PAID and black “10”, VF, DWI Mails Price Guide Range $125-$300, $125.00  
37ZB 1867, Stampless Letter St. Thomas via London to France, “G>Ferron, A. Mallet – Saint Thomas” forwarding cachet and black British “GB IF 60c” transit, VF, $140.00  


1869, scarce Printed Matter Rate folded letter St. Thomas to France, GB 4d tied by C51 vertical oval paid double 2d rate, London and Calais transits on front, VF, $995.00



1870, folded letter St. Thomas to Germany with beautiful GB franking, 6d violet pair +1d pair all tied by vertical oval C51, red St. Thomas cds + PD also on front, $495.00  
38AF 1870, 10˘ (#116) tied N. York Steamship on arrival in NY and originating in Danish West Indies – St. Thomas cds, stamp w/small repaired tear probably at time of mailing, attractive and scarce ship cover, listed but unpriced in Scott, $1,350.00  


1875, U.S. 10˘ Banknote tied by New York Steamship cancel on neat small cover St. Thomas via ship ‘South America” to New Jersey, on July 1st rate had been changed to 5˘ but information not passed on as of July 14th, VF, $350.00


1877, Panama to London via St. Thomas where British 1sh + 6p tied by C51 vertical oval cancel, VF, $395.00  
39F 1881, Venezuela to U.S. via St. Thomas, 50˘ + 25˘ triple rate cover w/red French Packet cancel on front and transit & arrival markings reverse, cover trimmed at right, scarce and attractive, $725.00  

1891, 2˘ envelope tied St. Thomas to FINLAND via German ship AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln transit and Helsingfors arrival cds, purple Bache & Co. handstamp on front, scarcer destination and VF, $320.00


39K 1891, 2¢ Danish West Indies envelope tied St. Thomas to SWEDEN via German ship with AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln transit and Goteburg arrival cds, pretty blue Bache & Co. handstamp on front, scarcer destination and nice item, VF, $320.00  

1895, 3˘ + 4˘ on 3˘ envelope tied St. Thomas to Germany (bkstp), vertical file fold at far left, pretty, $220.00

39W 1893, 3˘ + 7˘ (Scott 6,9/Facit 6,9) tied St. Thomas to U.S., scarce franking, a few blunted perfs at right, very attractive, Facit $2,400.00, $695.00  


1892, 12 Cent + 4 Cent (2), Double Rate cover to Nova Scotia (bkstp) via NY per ship "Vigilance", red oval D.C. Fonseca Provision Merchant" marking reverse, couple blunted perfs, 12 cent very scarce on cover (Facit $4,000.00+), pretty item, $1,450.00



1896, Scarce St. Jan cancel on 3˘ envelope to Christiansted via Frederiksted and St. Thomas, all bkstp, VF, $150.00  


1899, Two 5˘ bicolor perf 13 tied St. Thomas to NY with local corner advertising (you see very little of this from DWI), a very nice VF item, $290.00


1901, Mixed issue 3˘ bicolor + 5˘ Coat of Arms on 2˘ envelope all tied St. Thomas to Denmark and FORWARDED back to MARIBO (bkstp), quite scarce and attractive usage, $390.00



1902, 1˘ Coat of Arms pair tried St. Thomas on postcard to Germany with German ship cancel AUS WESTINDIEN/Hamburg Dampfer/Uber Coln, VF, $220.00  


1902, 12˘ bicolor + 1˘ Coat of Arms on registered cover to Germany (bkstp) via France, a few blunted perfs at top of 12˘ but very rare usage, Facit $4,000.00, $1,250.00  


1902, Mixed Issue underfranked cover to US w/Postage Due marking/2 Cent collected on reverse, interesting and very pretty cover, $440.00

41C 1903, 4˘ bisect (Scott 18a) tied St. Thomas on neat small cover, VF, Facit $145.00, $65.00  

41CB 1903, 2¢ Coat of Arms tied St. Thomas on Gruss Aus St. Thomas postcard w/scenes, VF, Facit $220.00, $105.00  

1904, 8˘ Coat of Arms tied St. Thomas on mourning cover to Germany (bkstp), backflap missing, quite scarce usage, Facit $525.00, $190.00

41EG 1904, 8˘ Coat of Arms (Scott 30) tied St. Thomas to NY per ship “Caribbee”, scarce, Facit $560.00, $275.00  
41JM 1905, 2˘ Coat of Arms tied St. Thomas on postcard to U.S., VF, Facit $285.00, $120.00  
41JN 1905, 7˘ bicolor + 5Bit tied St. Thomas on beautiful mixed issue cover to Denmark (bkstp), rare and VF, Facit $2,200.00+, $1,100.00  

41JQ 1905, 2fr Harbor Issue on registered COMMERCIAL COVER St. Thomas to Denmark, vertical cover folds at far left, correct postage for weight and rate, this is the ONLY KNOWN cover with this franking and proper usage, unique exhibition piece, Nielsen certificate, $1,995.00  
41M 1907, 10Bit chr. IX tied by 4-ring cancel from Christiansted w/bold “C” reverse, VF, $65.00  
41MB 1907, Incoming Danish card to St. Thomas, VF, $44.00  
41TJ 1911, 40Bit single usage on commercial cover to U.S. per S.S. Parima, scarce, Facit $475.00, $200.00  


1915, multi mixed franking, 5 Cent + 4 Cent +1 Cent (3) Coat of Arms and Bicolor issues, tied St. Thomas and Registered to Mass., VF, beautiful 3-color cover, $350.00

42HJ 1917, Mixed U.S. & DWI franking on TRANSITION PERIOD cover, 7˘ bicolor rarely found used on cover, VF, $675.00  

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