Classic Issues (#1-15)

Net Price List

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43C 1852, Ferslew Essays both w/4mgns, 2RBS shallow thin otherwise VF, for reference a set of fakes is included, $150.00  
43CA 1R (1N3) 2RBS, 1885 Reprint without burelage, VF, Scott $50.00, $28.00  
43H 2R (2N3) 4RBS, Complete set of 1951 Reprints – 10 shades, a few w/small fault, great reference, Scott $85.00+, $48.00  


3v (3v) 2sk, used, 4 margin, unlisted Plate flaw, broken spandrel bottom left, Facit est $115.00, $55.00  
43P 3,6-8R, Complete set 1885 Reprints, all VF, Scott $65.00, $38.00


5(5) 8sk green, used with numeral cancel, bold color, 4 margins, VF, Scott $67.50, $37.00
45W 6 (6) 16sk violet gray, og, LH, creases at bottom, nicely centered, Scott $525.00, $150.00  
45Y 6 (6) 16sk gray, used, 4 margins, VF, Scott $190.00, $100.00


8(8) 8sk green, Block of 6, a few light tone spots (not unusual), quite rare multiple, Kaiser certificate, Facit $5,350.00+, $1,700.00


8 (8) 8sk green, used, VF, Scott $82.50, $45.00  

48A 11-15 (11-15) Complete Coat of Arms set, used, high quality, VF, Scott $388.00, $235.00  
48AA 11-15R (11-15N1) Complete set of 1886 Reprints, VF, Scott $75.00, $42.00  
48AB 11 (11) 2sk Coat of Arms, og, XLH, VF+, Scott $65.00, $43.00  


12 (12), 3sk lilac, used, XF, pretty stamp, $55.00
49E 12v (12v) 3sk lilac, used with Crown & Sheet Mgn Wmk, VF, $60.00  
50 12b (17) 3sk red violet, p. 12 ½ , used, VF, Scott $650.00, $350.00  

50A 12b (17) 3sk red violet, Line Perf 12 , Margin Pair, og, NH, XF, Nielsen certificate, Facit for singles $2,250.00+, $1,375.00  


13a (13v7)  4sk Coat of Arms, og, NH, Imperf. Corner Block of 4, XF, Moller Certificate, Facit as singles $1,150.00, $495.00


50AB 13a (13v7) 4sk Coat of Arms, Imperf Pair, unused no gum, signed Pollak, XF, Facit $300.00, $149.00  

50AF 13, 4sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF in black, watermarked paper, VF, signed Pollak, $175.00  

50AM 13, 4sk Coat of Arms, PROOFS in 4 diff colors, all og, LH, on watermarked paper, VF, $595.00  

50B 13, 4sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF pair in black on wmk paper, VF, $340.00  

50C 13, 4sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF in lemon w/crown and partial margin wmk, VF, $175.00  

50E 13, 4sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF in brown on wmk paper, VF, $175.00  


15 (15), 16sk olive gray, used, VF+, Scott $175.00, $105.00


15a (15v3),16sk olive green, IMPERFORATE PAIR, og, hinged, top quality, scarce, Scott for singles $900.00, $620.00

53B 15, 16sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF pair in red on wmk paper, VF, $340.00  

53C 15, 16sk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF pair in brown on wmk paper, VF, $340.00  


15 (16) 16sk Coat of Arms, PROOF Pair in Blue, og, NH, VF, $340.00  

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