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B1-2 (199-20) Semi Postal set, og, NH, VF, Scott $167.50, $95.00  
91MWB B1-2 (199-200) First Semi postal set, used w/proper cancel, VF, Scott $142.50, $76.00  
91MWC B1-2 (199-200) Semi Postal set in used pairs w/proper cancels, VF, Scott $285.00, $145.00  


B2v (200x) 10ore on 20ore semi-postal “No Pearl in Zero” variety, og, LH, Facit $90.00, $49.00  


B3-5 (243-5) Cancer set, og, NH, VF, Scott $75.00, $48.00  


B3-5 (243-5) Cancer Semi-Postal complete set, og, LH, VF, Scott $38.50, $21.00



B3-5 (243-5) Cancer Semi-postal set, used, VF, Scott $59.00, $32.00  


B3a(243H), 10ore Semi-Postal Booklet Pane of 2, og, NH, VF, Scott $40.00, $25.00



B6-8V (280H1-H3) Booklet Panes, og, NH/LH, VF, Facit $111.40, $65.00

91QS B9-10 (289-90) Semi Postal Plate No. Tete Beche Gutter Pairs, og, NH, quite scarce as only 260 pairs can exist, VF, $85.00  
91QW B9v (AFA 267Tb24) 5ore + 3ore Red Cross, Tete Beche Sheet of 40 (10 TB pairs), NH, VF, only 200 sheets made, AFA $375.00, $175.00  
91QX B10v (AFA 252Tb23) 10ore + 5ore Red Cross, Tete Beche sheet of 40 (10 TB pairs), NH, VF, only 50 sheets made, AFA $1,800.00, $850.00  


B14v (309v1, v2) 10+5ore Ovpt, Block of 10, all w/high surcharge variety + BOMB var pos. 14, og, NH, VF, Facit $825.00, $450.00  


C1v (213v2), 10ore Airmail, STONE UNDER PLOW variety, og, LH, VF, Facit retail $145.00, $80.00



C1var (213v2), 10ore Airmail, used 4-block showing STONE UNDER PLOW variety at upper left stamp, VF, Facit $360.00+, $175.00

92ZA C1v, 10ore Airmail, og, NH, BROKEN WING at right variety, VF, Facit $250.00, $120.00  


C1v (213v1), 10ore Airmail, BROKEN WING variety, used, Facit retail $195.00, $115.00

93Z C1-5 (213-17) Complete Airmail set, og, NH, VF, Scott $975.00, $585.00  
94 C1-5 (213-7) Airmail set  complete, og, LH, VF, Facit $352.00, Scott $377.50, $195.00  

C1-5(213-17), Complete Airmail set, used and much scarcer than mint, VF, Scott $847.50, $460.00

94BA C2 (214) 15ore Airmail, Plate No. Single, og, NH, VF, Scott $182.00+, $115.00  
94BD C3 (215) 25ore Airmail, og, NH, VF, Scott $115.00, $69.00  
94BDA C3 (215) 25ore Airmail, og, LH, VF, Scott $45.00, $24.00  
94BE C4, 50ore Airmail, IMPERF PROOF in BLUE, VF, signed Pollak, $135.00

C4 (216) 50ore Airmail, og, NH, VF, scarcest value in set, Scott $340.00, $200.00


94BG C4 (216), 50ore Airmail, og, LH, VF, key value to set, Scott $130.00, $70.00  
94BH C4 (216) 50ore Airmail, used, VF with clear date cancel, a key value to set, Scott $315.00,, $170.00  
94BHX C5 (217) 1kr Airmail, og, NH, XF, Scott $270.00, $160.00  
94BJ C5 (217), 1kr Airmail, used, VF, Scott $300.00, $165.00  
94C C6-10 (262-6) Airmail set, og, NH except 50ore XLH, VF, Scott $35.00, $21.00  
94DG J1-7 (L3-9) Postage due set complete, og, NH, VF, Scott $300.00, $175.00  
94DM J1-7 (L3-9) Postage Due set, used, VF, Scott $72.00, $39.00  

J7 (L8) 50ore Postage Due, og, NH, VF, Scott $40.00, $25.00

94DPB J8 (L9) 10ore SF Postage Due, og, NH, VF, Scott $37.50, $24.00  
94GE J13 (L14) 7ore Postage Due, og, NH, VF, Scott $47.00, $29.00  

J14 (L15) 7ore violet, og, XLH, XF, Scott $50.00, $28.00

94GJ J22, 1kr blue, og, NH, VF, Scott $235.00, $160.00  
94GK J23 (L24) 1kr Postage Due, Block of 4, og, NH, VF, Facit $100.00, $49.00  
94GL J24 (L25) 5kr purple, og, NH, VF, Scott $59.00, $35.00  
94GS M1-2, 5ore & 10ore Military Stamps, Blocks of 4, og, NH, VF, Scott as singles $300.00+, $180.00  
94GV M1-2 (168-9) 5ore & 10ore Military Ovpts, used, VF, Scott $67.00, $37.00  
94HZ M2a (168v1) 10ore Military Stamp, og, NH, INVERTED “S”, VF, Scott $450.00, $265.00  


O1-3a (Tj1-3v), 2,4,16sk Officials IMPERFORATE PAIRS, watermarked, no gum as issued, Debo certificate, VF and very scarce, $1,400.00; also available at $500.00 each pair

95G O1-3R (Tj1-3E) 2sk-16sk, 1885 Reprints, VF, Facit $54.00, $29.00  
95P O2 (Tj2) 4sk Official, og, NH with tone spot, VF centering, Scott $230.00, $69.00  


O3 (Tj3), 16sk green Official, used, VF, always tough to find in nice condition, Scott $350.00, $190.00


O3 (Tj3), 16sk Official, used, VF, Scott $350.00, $190.00



O3(Tj3) 16 sk green, used w/neat numeral cancel, small internal crease hardly noticeable, scarce stamp, Scott $350.00, $95.00  
97AE O3 (Tj3) 16sk green Official, used, VF, Scott $350.00, $185.00  
97AN O5 (Tj5) 16sk green, p. 12 ½ , used, scarce stamp, F/VF, Scott $600.00, $270.00  
98AC O6 (Tj6b) 3ore violet, INVERTED WMK, og, NH, Facit $65.00, $45.00  
98AF O6-9 (TJ6-9), Official set used, VF, Scott $93.25, $47.00  
98AG O9 (Tj9b) 32ore yellow green, INVERTED WMK, og, LH, Facit $85.00, $45.00  
98AH O12 (Tj11) 3ore Official, Complete sheet of 100, og, NH, VF, Facit $475.00, $170.00  
98AL O16-24 (Tj16-24) Complete Official set, og, NH except 3ore and 5ore hinged, Facit $210.00, $105.00  
98AM O16-24, Official set, complete, used, VF, Scott $183.50, $95.00  
100B P1-10 (Ti1-10), Complete Newspaper set, og, hinged, fresh and F/VF-VF, Scott $870.50, $475.00  
100C P1-10 (TI1-10), 1ore - 10kr Newspaper stamps, Complete set, used, F/VF, Scott $151.75, $85.00  
100CF P1 (Ti1) 1ore Newspaper, og, NH, VF, Scott $70.00, $42.00  
100CH P2 (Ti2) 5ore blue, pair & 3-strip, used, VF, Scott $75.00, $32.00  
100CJ P3 (Ti3) 7ore Newspaper, og, NH, XF, Scott $64.00, $45.00  
100E P4 (Ti4) 10ore lilac, og, NH, VF, Scott $200.00, $120.00  
100H P6 (Ti6) 38ore orange, og, NH, XF, Scott $220.00, $135.00  
100HA P6 (Ti6) 38ore orange, og, LH, VF, Scott $62.50, $35.00  
100J P7, 68ore brown, og, NH, VF, Scott $525.00, $310.00  
100JA P7 (Ti7) 68ore brown, og, NH just the slightest bit toned, VF, Scott $525.00, $240.00  
100JB P7 (Ti7) 68ore Newspaper, og, hinged, VF, Scott $150.00, $80.00  
100KA P9 (Ti9) 5kr Newspaper, used w/blue cancel, VF, Scott $45.00, $27.00  
100KC P9-10 (Ti9-10) 5kr & 10kr high vals in set, used, VF, Scott $90.00, $45.00  
100M P10 (Ti10) 10kr Newspaper, og, NH, VF, Scott $785.00, $465.00  


P10 (Ti10) 10kr Newspaper stamp, used with neat town/date cancel, Block of 4, F/VF, Scott $180.00+, $90.00  

P10 (Ti10) 10kr Newspaper, used pair, VF, Scott $90.00+, $50.00



P10v (TI10v), 10kr Newspaper stamp with “lower left corner cut off” variety, used,  VF, Facit  $198.00, $115.00  

P12 (Ti12) 5ore blue, og, NH, VF, Scott $170.00, $100.00

100Q P12 (Ti12) 5ore blue, og, LH, VF, Scott $45.00, $24.00  
101C P13 (Ti13) 7ore rose, og, NH, VF, Scott $170.00, $100.00  
101F P16 (Ti16) 20ore green, og, NH, one slightly shorter perf otherwise very scarce and VF, Scott $1,170.00, $440.00  
101G P17 (Ti17) 29ore orange, og, NH, XF, Scott $285.00+ $195.00  
101GA P17 (Ti17) 29ore orange yellow, og, NH, VF, Scott $285.00, $170.00  
101LA P18 (Ti18) 38ore orange, wmk crosses, used, VF, Scott $190.00, $105.00  
101M P19 (Ti19) 41ore brown, og, VLH, VF, Scott $95.00, $52.00  
101P P20, 1kr blue green & maroon, og, NH, VF, Scott $475.00,, $290.00  


Q1-11, Postfaerge Ovpt set complete, used, Scott  $997.25, $525.00


Q1 (Pf16) 10ore green, og, NH, VF, Scott $49.00, $29.00

103A Q2 (Pf17) 10ore bister brown, og, NH, VF, Scott $38.00, $23.00  
103B Q2v, 10ore scarce RED BROWN SHADE (Facit PF17b), used, VF, Facit $130.00, $75.00  
103C Q3 (PF1) 10ore red, og, NH, VF, Scott $110.00, $65.00

Q3(PF1), 10ore red, og, LH, XF margin copy $30.00

103DA Q3(PF1), 10ore red, used, VF, Scott $90.00, $44.00  
103E Q4 (PF2a) 15ore violet, og, NH, F/VF, Scott $50.00, $29.00  
103ED Q4v (PF2b) 15ore gray lilac shade, og, NH, VF, Facit $55.00, $32.00  

Q5 (PF4) 30ore orange, og, NH, VF, Scott $54.00, $32.00

103Y Q7(PF5), 50ore claret & black, og, NH, Scott $720.00, $425.00  
103Z Q7 (PF5) 50ore claret & black, og, NH, VF, Scott $720.00, $425.00  


Q7 (Pf5) 50ore claret & black, og, LH, short perfs at right, Scott $260.00, $98.00


Q7(PF5) 50ore claret & black, Block of 4, used w/oval Ferry cancel, quite scarce and VF, Nielsen certificate, Facit $1,600.00+, $900.00

104BN Q8 (PF6) 50ore light gray, og, NH, VF, Scott $72.00, $43.00  
104C Q8(PF6) 50ore light gray, Block of 4, used, VF, Facit $115.00, $55.00  


Q8a(PF6a), 50ore Dark Gray shade, og, NH, VF, quite scarce, Facit $640.00, $295.00 similar LH, $110.00


105AB Q8a (PF6a) 50ore Chr. X, dark gray shade, og, NH, VF, Nielsen certificate, Facit $480.00, $275.00  
105AD Q8av (AFA 7x) 50ore dark olive gray, Color Spot on M and left border, og, toned gum, Moller certificate, AFA $450.00, $190.00  

Q8a(PF6a) 50ore dark gray, used block of 4 w/purple crown & posthorn Ferry cancel, scarce and magnificent item, Moller certificate, Facit $1,920.00+, $1,075.00

105AY Q9 (PF7a) 1kr, type I w/short white lines, og, NH, VF, Scott $145.00, $85.00  
105B Q9 (Pf7a), 1kr, Type I with short white lines, og, NH, XF, $150.00  
105X Q10, 10kr green & red, og, NH, Superb, Scott $155.00+, $115.00  
106YK Q11 (Pf10) 1kr yellow brown, Postal Ferry cancel, XF, Scott $190.00, $120.00  
106YL Q11 (Pf10) 1kr yellow brown, used w/proper Postal Ferry cancel, F/VF, Scott $190.00, $90.00  
106YM Q11(PF10) 1kr yellow-brown, block of 4, used/scarce and VF, Nielsen certificate, Facit $960.00+, $550.00  
107 Q11a (PF10v) 1kr yellow brown, Strip of 3 w/POSFFAERE Error in center, og, LH, VF, Moller certificate, nice exhibit item, Scott $1,500.00+, $995.00  


Q11a (Pf10v),1kr Postal Ferry, POSTFFAERGE ERROR in pair with normal, og, LH, quite scarce, Scott  $1,500.00, $950.00

107K Q12 (PF23) 15ore Postal Ferry, Plate No. Block of 4, used, not often seen, VF, Facit $55.00+, $29.00  
107M Q12-14 (Pf23-5) Complete set, used, VF, Scott $52.00, $30.00  
107P Q13 (Pf24) 30ore ocher, Block of 4, used, VF, Scott $80.00, $39.00  
107Q Q13 (Pf24) 30ore ocher, Block of 12, used, VF, scarcer multiple, Scott $240.00, $95.00  


Q15v (Pf18v2), 5ore, OVPT COVERS DANMARK variety, og, NH, $50.00

109A Q16, 10ore orange, Block of 4, og, NH, VF, Facit $260.00, $125.00  
109H Q19v (Pf26a) 15ore SMALL DOTS in CROWN variety, used, VF, normal at right for comparison, not included in price, Facit $75.00, $40.00  
109X 1878-1915, Group of Returned Letter Stamps incl. 2 Blocks of 4 and 2 singles, all og, NH except 1 stamp in Block LH, VF, $120.00  
110 (RM5) 1890-1915, Return-to-Sender Complete sheet of 8 w/variety “flame above for” in pos. 4 & 8, og, NH, VF, $120.00  
110H 1886, Denmark Locals AALBORG, 1ore brown PERF & IMPERF Blocks of 4 (Daka #7,7aU), unused no gum, VF, $90.00  
110K 1886, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 1ore brown Block of 4, IMPERF BETWEEN (Daka #7W), unused no gum, VF, $90.00  
110L 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 2ore brown IMPERF BLOCK OF 4, (Daka #27U), unused no gum, VF, $35.00  
110Q 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG 3ore red IMPERF BLOCK OF 4 (Daka #28U) unused no gum, VF, $65.00  
110R 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 5ore and 5ore w/3ore Ovpt in Blocks of 4 (Daka #29 & 35), unused no gum, VF, $17.00  
110T 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 10ore – 50ore set in Blocks of 4 (Daka #30-33) unused no gum, VF, $40.00  
110U 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 50ore Block of 4, used, VF, $35.00  
110V 1887, Denmark Locals, AALBORG, 50ore IMPERF PAIR, (Daka #33U), unused no gum, VF, $40.00  
110W 1886, Denmark Locals, HORSENS, 1ore and 2ore, p. 12 in Blocks of 4 (Daka #12,13), unused no gum, VF, $10.00  
110WA 1887, Denmark Locals HORSENS, 1ore – 10ore set in Blocks of 4 (Daka #15-19) unused no gum, VF, $26.00  
110X 1889, Denmark Locals HORSENS, 3ore red in Block of 10 (Daka #22) unused no gum, VF, $7.00  
110XA 1889, Denmark Locals HORSENS, 3ore red, IMPERF BLOCK OF 4 (Daka #22U) unused no gum, VF, $130.00  
110YA 1889, Denmark Locals HORSENS, 1ore on 5ore showing 4 diff types of Ovpt, unused no gum, VF, $30.00  
110YC 1889, Denmark Locals, HORSENS, 2ore on 10ore pair showing 2 Types of Ovpt (Daka #27) unused no gum, VF, $19.00  
111G 1886, Denmark local, ODENSE, 10ore bronze strip of 3 (Daka #10), og, NH, VF, $12.00  
111H 1886, Denmark Local ODENSE, 2ore Block of 4 (Daka #13) og, NH, VF, $12.00  

1887, Denmark Locals, RANDERS, 5ore and 10ore IMPERF Blocks of 4 (Daka #21U & 23U), unused no gum, VF, $38.00

111L 1887, Denmark Locals, RANDERS, 5ore and 10ore Imperf Blocks of 4 (Daka #21U & 23U), USED, VF, $55.00  
111R 1887, Denmark Locals, VEJLE, 1ore – 10ore complete set in Blocks of 4 (Daka #1-5), unused no gum, VF, $75.00  
111T 1887, Denmark Locals, VIBORG, 5ore brown, Block of 10 (Daka #5) unused no gum, VF, $50.00  
111V 1887, Denmark Locals, VIBORG, 5ore blue and red, Block of 10 (Daka #12) unused no gum, VF, $20.00  
113QM 1912, KPK 25th Anniversary stamps, og, NH, 6 Gutter Pairs in 3 colors, 3 diff designs including a FUTURISTIC AIRPORT, VF, $125.00  
113QN 1912, KPK 25th Anniversary stamps in green, 3 diff designs, all IMPERFORATE at right, og, NH, VF, $70.00  


119Y Railway Freight stamps, 31 different, all NH, VF, $29.00  
120 Danish Private Ship Stamps, 2 different, NH, VF, $25.00  
120A Horsens Ship Stamps, 15ore in Complete sheet of 25 w/plate #, a few perf seps, fresh NH, VF, $80.00
121 1925 Naestved Semi-Official Airmail, used, only 500 made, signed, VF, $125.00


1932, Danish OLYMPIC seal for Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, og, NH, $12.00

123AP 1947 & 1957 UPU Congress Presentation Books (soft cover) incl. Many issues for the period, VF, $70.00  


1951, 100yr Stamp Jubilee Expo Souvenir sheet TETE BECHE PAIR, fairly common sheet but unrecorded in this format, VF, $40.00  


DENMARK, 1868 Map from Meyer’s Hand Atlas, 19” x 14”, in color, top quality and suitable for framing, $95.00  
124F 1920, Imperf Proof Christmas Seal sheet of 50, NH, VF, scarce, $150.00  
124FE Denmark Christmas seals, 28 IMPERFORATED sheets of Christmas seals for the years 1952 to 1981, missing only the years 1957 and 1980 (1959 sheet with fold), imperforate sheets are much scarcer, seldom offered, $375.00  
124FG Denmark Christmas seals, small lot of 9 seldom seen IMPERFORATE sheets, years include 1952 (folded), 1953, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1971, 1988, and 1990, VF, $120.00  
124FM Denmark Christmas seal, rare “1982” overprint on “1978” sheet produced when regular issue ran out 2 weeks before Christmas, only 3,450,000 issued compared to a normal run of 40 million or more produced for each year, VF, $75.00  
125LB SLESVIG, 1-14v, Complete Imperf set with MAK Ovpts, incl. Some gum, no gum and gum both sides, VF, Facit $175.00, $95.00  

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