Booklets #'s H1 - H57
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B42 (H6) Cancer Booklet, leatherette cover w/gold leaf, w/"Tin POST" variety, VF, $140.00  
B44 (H6) Cancer Booklet, leatherette cover w/gold leaf, w/ĒSnakes AbdomenĒ variety, VF, $140.00  
B46 (H8) 2kr Booklet (Boom 3.20A), VF, $550.00  
B48 (H10) 2kr Reformation booklet, VF, $210.00  
B50 (H11), 2kr BOOKLET, VF, $110.00
B54 (H13) 1937 Silver Jubilee Booklet, VF, Facit $200.00, $120.00  
B56 (H14c), 2kr Booklet, VF, $240.00  
B57M (H17) 2kr Red Cross booklet, VF, $11.00  
B58 (H18) 2kr 1940 5+3ore Red Cross booklet, VF, $12.00  
B61 (H22a) 2kr Booklet, GREEN COVER, VF, H#41, $55.00  
B62 (H22a) 2kr Booklet, VF, $45.00 {Note: We have H# 58 on reverse}  
B62A (H22b) 2kr booklet, VF, $50.00 {note: we have these with H#ís 53, 54, 57, 58, 59}  
B62C (H22b) 2kr Booklet, GREEN COVER, VF, H# 51, $60.00  
B68 (H24) 2kr Booklet, VF, Facit $80.00, $48.00 {note: we have these with H #ís 60 and 62}  
B68B (H24) 2kr booklet w/pink cover, H#63, VF, $65.00  
B69 (H25) 2kr Booklet, VF, H#'s 55, 60, 61, $48.00  
B72P (H26b) 2kr booklet, rates overprinted Ugyldige, VF, $39.00  
B73 (H27a) 2kr booklet, 15ore gray violet, VF, H#ís 74,75,76 & 77, $42.00  
B74 (H28) 2kr Booklet, VF, $24.00  
B75 (H29) 2kr Booklet, VF, H#96, $24.00  

(H30) 2kr Booklet, VF, H#'s 103-110, $22.00

B83 (H33) 2kr booklet, VF, H#ís 121-122, $24.00  
B84 (H34) 2kr booklet, VF, H#ís 123-125, $24.00  

5kr - 20kr BOOKLETS

B94 (H35) 5kr booklet, VF, $75.00  
B95 (H36) 5kr booklet, VF, $54.00  
B96 (H39) 5kr booklet, VF, H#ís 17,18,21,22, $48.00  
B97 (H39) 5kr booklet w/plate #ís on 5ore and 35ore, H19L, VF, {also have H#23L}, $58.00  
B98 (H40) 5kr booklet, Tordenskjold ad, H25L, VF, $75.00  
B99 (H40) 5kr booklet, NIPU ad, H33L, VF, $65.00  
B100 (H40) 5kr booklet, NIPU ad w/loose rate sheet and plate # on 50ore, VF, $75.00  
B101 (H40) 5kr booklet, VF, H#ís 26-32, $44.00  
B103 (H42) 5kr booklet, loose rate sheet, H49L, VF, $35.00  
B104 (H42) 5kr booklet, VF, H#ís 39-43, 46, 48, 50-53, $29.00  
B106 (H43) 10kr Booklet, VF, H#'s 1-7, $48.00  
B108 (H44) 10kr Booklet, VF, H#'s 8-11, $34.00  
B112 (H45) 10kr Booklet, VF, H#'s 12-14, $20.00  

(H46) 10kr Booklet, H#'s 15-19, VF, $11.00

B121 (H47) 10kr Booklet, H#'s 20, 21, VF, $5.00  
B122 (H48) 10kr Booklet, VF, $8.00  
B124 (H49) 10kr Booklet, H#'s 23, 24, VF, $17.00  
B125 (H49) 10kr booklet w/Control Number, VF, $18.00  
B130 (H50) 10kr Booklet, H25 on back w/stamp Joke #10, VF, $18.00  

(H51) 20kr Booklet, H26 on back w/stamp Joke #11, VF, $25.00

B134 (H51) 20kr Booklet, H27 on back w/stamp Joke #12, VF, $18.00  
B136 (H52) 20kr Booklet, H#'s 28-30, VF, $11.00  
B142 (H53) 20kr Booklet, H31 on back, VF, $15.00  
B144 (H54) 20kr Booklet, H32 on back, VF, $12.00  
B146 (H54) 20kr Booklet, H33 on back, VF, $12.00  
B148 (H55) 20kr Booklet, H34 on back, VF, $11.00  
B150 (H55) 20kr Booklet, H34 on back w/serial no. in margin, VF, $17.00  
B152 (H55) 20kr Booklet, H35 on back, VF, $11.00  
B154 (H56) 20kr Booklet, H36 on back, VF, $19.00  
B156 (H56) 20kr Booklet, H36 on back w/serial no. in margin, VF, $21.00  
B158 (H56) 20kr Booklet, H36 on back with margin markings, VF, $21.00  
B160 (H57) 20kr Booklet, H37 on back, VF, $8.00  

(H57) 20kr Booklet, H38 on back, VF, $8.00


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