Classic Issues (#1-45)
Net Price List

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136B 3 (1 II) 5kop with Large Pearls, og, LH, 4 margins, an exceptional stamp with Nielsen certificate, Scott for unused no gum is $11,000.00m stamps with gum are rare and worth considerably more double would be our estimate, our price is $8,900.00
136D 3 (1II) 5kop Large Pearls, used w/pen & town cancel, VF, 4 margin stamp, Sorani certificate, Scott $1,800.00, $1,100.00  
136E 3 (1II) 5kop Large Pearls, used w/ms cancel, large margins, VF, Scott $1,550.00, $995.00  
136F 3 (1II) 5kop Large Pearls, used w/ms Tammerfors cancel, minute slit at bottom, fresh and attractive stamp, Scott $1,550.00, $695.00  
136G 3 (1II) 5kop Large Pearls, used w/pen and town cancel, repaired thin and experts mark reverse partially shows through in stamp margin, attractive and scarce nonetheless, Scott $1,550.00, $290.00  
137B 4 (3LKC1) 5kop dark blue, Roul I, type 2, pair tied on piece by Sordavala cds, perfect teeth, exceptional item, $375.00  
137F 4a (3C2) 5kop, Roul II, used w/full Wiborg cds, perfect teeth, VF, $195.00  
137Q 5a (4C2) 10kop, Roul II, used w/1865 Wiburg cds, VF, $115.00  
137W 6b (5v3C3) 5pen, Roul III, two singles tied on small piece by blue town cancel, VF, $215.00  

7 (6v1), 8 pen, roulette III, strip of 3 w/PERFECT TEETH plus single all tied on small piece, rare and beautiful item, $850.00

138M 7 (6v1), 8 pen green, roulette III, used, HUGE STAMP w/PERFECT TEETH, $295.00  

7 (6v1), 8 pen, roulette III, Magnificent PAIR w/PERFECT TEETH, used w/1869 town cancel, great exhibit item, $490.00

138P 7b (6v1) 8pen green, roulette II, used, Full Teeth, VF, Scott $275.00 $155.00  
139G 8 (7v5C3) 10pen Roul III, wove paper, used, perfect teeth and VF+, Scott $350.00, $250.00  


9 (8) 20pen blue, roulette III, used, FULL TEETH, $50.00

140CA 9 (8) 20pen blue, roulette III, used, thin, $19.00  
140TA 11 (10) 1mk Roulette III, used, perf flaws but not unusual for this scarce stamp missing in most collections, Scott $850.00, $150.00  
140W 12,a (5vlC2&3) 5pen Laid paper roulette II & III, used, not perfect teeth but far above normal teeth found for rouletted issues, Scott $460.00, $115.00  
140Y 12 (5v1C3) 5pen Roul III, laid paper, unused no gum, HUGE STAMP, a few added reinforced teeth, $145.00  
141G 12a (5v1C2) 5pen, Roul II, laid paper, used strip of 3 w/blue cds, multiples scarcer, Scott $900.00, $350.00  
142E 13a (7v1C2) 10pen Roul II, laid paper, used pair hinge reinforced, only one shorter tooth, VF for this, Scott $580.00, $360.00  
143 17 (12S) 2pen gray, unused no gum, fresh and VF, Scott $62.50, $25.00  
143A 17 (12S) 2pen gray, p. 11, used w/blue cancel, VF, Scott $70.00, $38.00  

18 (13S) 5p orange, p. 11, og, hinged, strong color, Scott $140.00, $76.00

143H 18 (13S) 5pen orange, used, VF+, $10.00  
144 19 (14S), 8pen blue green, used, MONSTER MARGINS, VF, $95.00

19 (14S) 8p green, p. 11, used, VF, Scott $90.00, $48.00

144B 19 (14Sa) 8p light blue green, used, VF, $48.00  
144DM 20 (15S) 10p, perf 11, used, VF, Scott $70.00, $38.00  
144S 23 (18S) 32p carmine, used, VF, Scott $60.00, $33.00  
144TA 23A, (18S), 32p ROSE shade, used, XF, $40.00  

23 (18S) 32pen CARMINE shade, used, XF, $45.00

144TC 23 (18S) 32pen, p. 11, used w/light cancel, XF, Scott $60.00+, $39.00  
144WA 24 (19S) 1mk violet, large stamp, used w/boxed town cancel, VF, Scott $125.00, $65.00  


27 (15L) 10p brown, Corner Margin Block of 4, og, NH, VF, Facit for singles $750.00, $425.00

145U 28v (16Lv8), 20p ultra, p. 12, Block of 4, og (2NH/2LH), lower left stamp showing White Flaw Over S in SUOMI, VF+, scarce multiple, $265.00  

146W 30 (19L), 1mk violet, og, VLH, extremely fresh PAIR, quite scarce, Facit $875, $495.00  
147B 1892 Grand Duke Reprints, Coat of Arms complete set of 5, og, hinged, only 1000 made, VF, $165.00  

37 (26) 10mk brown & rose, used w/full town cancel, VF/XF, Kaiser certificate, Scott $750.00, $525.00

148FC 37 (26) 10mk brown & rose, used, scarce stamp, VF+, Scott $750.00, $460.00  
149G 39 (28) 5pen Imperf PROOF PAIRS in 2 shades of green, without gum, VF, $135.00  
149LF 41 (30) 20pen orange, Imperf PROOF PAIR, without gum, VF, $115.00  
149MA Group of 3 different FANCY CANCELS, nice strikes, $55.00  

43 (32) 1mk Coat of Arms, Imperf PROOF PAIR, without gum, VF, $70.00


44 (33) 5mk Coat of Arms, PROOF margin single, without gum, VF, $42.00

149SF 44-5(33-4), 5mk & 10mk high values, used, VF, Scott $167.50, $90.00  

44(33), 5 mark green and rose, used, VF, Scott $77.50, $42.00


45(34), 10 mark brown and rose, used, VF, Scott $90.00, $49.00

149SJ 45 (33) 10mk brown & rose, Imperf Proof, VF, $65.00  

45 (34) 10mk brown & rose, Imperforate PROOF PAIR, VF, $140.00


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