Net Price List  (Facit #s used)

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323AC Single Card #1 (5aur) 3-strip PROOF, scrollwork only, gray, VF and scarce, $150.00  
323AD Single Card #1 (5aur) PROOF of scrollwork only, gray, VF, $75.00  
323AE Single Card #1, 5aur PROOF PAIR in final colors, VF, $125.00  
323AF Single Card #2, 8aur + 3aur (Scott #15) tied Reykjavik, plus boxed SHIP LETTER to Germany, message reverse, scarce ship mail, VF, $1,200.00  
323AJ Single Card #5, 5aur + 5aur added tied Reykjavik 1898 to SWEDEN (bkstp) and ms ‘via S/S/ Botnia”, Edinburgh transit on front, scarce, Facit $690.00, $395.00  
323AK Single Card #5 tied w/full SEYDISFJORDUR cancel, no address or message, VF, $15.00  
323AMA Single Card #9 type I, unused, VF, $38.00  
323AMB Single Card #9 type II, unused, VF, $38.00  
323AMD Single Cards #9 & #14 type IV Reprints, 8aur and 10aur I GILDI, each w/faults but good reference, Facit $100.00, $24.00  
323AN Single Card #12 type II, 5aur I GILDI, unused, VF, $35.00  
323AP Single Card #13I, 5aur I GILDI Ovpt, type I, unused, VF, $30.00  
323AQ Single Card #13II, 5aur I GILDI Ovpt, type II, unused, VF, $30.00
323AS Single Card #14 type II, 10aur I GILDI, unused, VF, $30.00  
323AX Single Card #18, 3aur Chr. IX, local use tied Reykjavik 1903, VF, $12.00  
323BB Single Card #20, 8aur + 3aur Chr. IX tied 1905 Reykjavik to GERMANY, VF, $60.00  
323BF Single Card #22, 3aur on 5aur Chr. IX, unused, VF, $2.50  
323BI Single Card #23, 3aur Two Kings, unused, VF, $3.50  
323BJ Single Card #23, 3aur Two Kings + added franking to Denmark 1913, VF, $65.00  
323BM Single Card #24, 5aur + 5aur added tied Reykjavik to Germany via Denmark, no message, VF, $30.00  
323BP Single Card #25, 8aur Two Kings, tied Seydisfjordur 1912 to GERMANY, no message, $35.00  
323BR Single Card #26, 10aur Two Kings, tied 1910 Reykjavik to AUSTRIA, VF, $30.00  
323BT Single Card #27, 3aur + added franking tied Reykjavik, VF, $50.00  
323BV Single Card #29, 10aur Two Kings, woodgrain wmk, unused, VF, $2.50  
323CC Single Card #40, 25aur, Chr. X, unused, VF, $5.00  
323CD Single Card #40, 25aur Chr. X, tied Reykjavik 1923, VF, $45.00  
323CGZ Single Card #43, 20aur Museum, wmk wavy lines, unused VF, $6.00  
323CH Single Card #43a, 20aur Museum w/printed P.O. advertisement, unused, VF, $20.00  
323CQ Double Card #2, 8aur + 8aur, unused, VF, $4.50  
323CR Double Card #3, 10aur + 10aur, unused, VF, $4.50  

Double Card #5, unused, VF, $6.00



Double Card #5, 8aur + 8aur + 3aur added tied Reykjavik to ENGLAND w/transit Leith Ship Letter 1896 cancel, VF, scarcer and beautiful,  $800.00


Double Card #6, 10aur + 10aur, unused, VF, $15.00

323DGA Double Card #7, unused, VF, $60.00  
323DGE Double Card #8 type I, unused, VF, $48.00  
323DGF Double Card #8 type II, unused, VF, $48.00  
323DGJ Double Card #9 type I, unused, VF, $48.00  
323DH Double Card #12 type II, 8aur + 8aur I GILDI, used to Germany, 1903, a very rare card used per Facit, proper sending and arrival cancels, no message, $350.00  
323DI Double Card #14, type I, 10aur + 10aur I GILDI, used to Germany, VF, scarcer, $175.00  
323DJ Double Card #14II, 10aur + 10aur, I GILDI, unused, VF, $49.00  
323DK Double Card #15, unused, VF. $3.50  
323DN Double Card #18, 10aur + 10aur Chr. IX, unused, VF, $3.50  
323DP Double Card #19, unused, VF, $3.50  
323DQ Double Card #19, 3aur MESSAGE CARD w/added franking tied Eskifjordur, VF, $70.00  
323DT Double Card #20, 5aur Two Kings + 5aur Chr. IX added tied Reykjavik 1907 to GERMANY, no message, VF, $45.00  
323DV Double Card #21, 8aur + 8aur Two Kings, unused, VF, $6.00  
323DW Double Card #21, 8aur + 8aur Two Kings + 4aur tied Reykjavik 1908 to GERMANY w/Kobenhavn transit, no message, VF, $60.00  
323DWA Double Card #21, 8aur + 8aur tied Reykjavik 1910, VF, $29.00  
323DX Double Card #22, 10aur + 10aur Two Kings, unused, VF, $10.00  
323DZ Double Card #22, 3aur + added franking on MESSAGE CARD tied Reykjavik 1922, non-printed matter rate for hand message, VF, $65.00  
323EA Double Card #26, unused, VF, $22.00  
323EB Double Card #27, unused, VF, $15.00  

Double Card #28, unused, VF, $9.00

323ED Double Card #29, unused, VF, $15.00  
323EG Double Card #30, 20aur + 20aur Museum tied Reykjavik to SWEDEN, VF, $55.00  
323EH Double Card #31, 8aur + 8aur Chr. X, wavy line wmk, unused, VF, $3.50  
323EI Double Card #31, 8aur MESSAGE CARD + 30aur tied Reykjavik to Germany, no message, VF, $50.00  

Aerogram #1, 60aur, 1950, used w/proper supplemental franking to U.S., scarce and VF, $50.00

323HB Aerogram #1, 60aur + multi franking tied Reykjavik 1956 to U.S., VF, scarcer, $60.00  
323HE Aerogram #2 85aur, 1951, used w/proper supplemental franking to U.S., VF, $52.00  

Aerogram #2, 85aur, FDC w/added franking for registered mail, to U.S., VF, $20.00

323HG Aerogram #2, 85aur, FDC, VF, $2.50  
323HGY Aerogram #3, 150aur, 1951, used to U.S., VF, Facit $75.00, $42.00
323HH Aerogram #3, 150aur + added franking for registered to U.S. tied Reykjavik 1951, VF, $50.00  
323HJ Aerogram #3, 245aur, 1955, used, text indicates a check was enclosed so it was upgraded to ordinary letter rate, interesting, VF, $50.00  
323HK Aerogram #4, 175aur, 1956, used to U.S., VF, Facit $75.00, $42.00  
323HM Aerogram #4v, 175aur, FDC in Light Blue shade, VF, $20.00  
323HN Aerogram #5, 175aur, unused, VF, $17.50  
323HP Aerogram #5, 175aur, used, VF, Facit $120.00, $50.00  
323HQ Aerogram #5, 175aur, 1958, used w/proper supplemental rate added, to U.S., scarce and VF, $85.00  
323HR Aerogram #5, 175aur + 230aur meter, prepared by P.O. for higher rates in effect, unused, VF and scarcer, $35.00  

323HS Aerogram #5, 175aur, 1962, used w/scarce Meter added on registered letter to Sweden, VF, $95.00  

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