1845 to 1860

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Covers listed in year order

  1835, folded letter with red Steam Packet Franklin - Captain R.W. Sherman-lake Champlain, nice item, $250.00  

1847, 5¢ black brown tied by red diamond grid cancel on folded letter to Ohio, New York side cancels, vertical file fold, “Due 5” ms., scarce shade, 4 margins, $575.00


1847, 5¢ brown (#1) tied by blue grid cancel on cover from Philadelphia  Pa (blue) to Baltimore, VF, $375.00


1848, 5¢ (#1) tied on folded letter w/red Buffalo & Albany R.R. cds, ex. Roth noted reverse, VF, $425.00

  1848, 5¢ brown on folded letter w/beautiful Westerly R.I. cancel, only 3 previously reported covers from Westerly and this is not one of them, stamp w/pen cancel and 4 full margins, PSE certificate, $1,400.00  

1849, 2¢ Boyd’s City Express (2LO7) tied with red Express Co., handstamp at right, sender is Adams Express Co. informing recipient of arrival of trunk, VF, $150.00


1850, Free Frank of Josiah Sutherland (NY Representative) with Washington DC FREE cancel  on folded letter, VF, $40.00


  1850's, U.S. Diplomatic Stampless cover to GUATEMALA w/blue 4 and U.S. Legation HONDURAS embossed seal reverse, VF, $65.00  
  1850's, 3¢ brown orange (#10A) tied on “Supt's Office Prov. & Wor. R.R.”, VF, Scott $190.00++, $135.00  
  1850's, 3¢ orange brown tied Philadelphia, light crease, 4 margins, Scott $190.00, $60.00  
  1850's, 3¢ dull red (#11) tied by full COLLINSVILLE, ILL cds, VF, $30.00  
  1850's Swarts P.O. Chatham Square New York Local handstamp, VF, $95.00  

  1850's, Interesting HELD FOR POSTAGE cover w/1¢ (#9) tied PAID to replace the stamp removed, pretty yellow cover Boston to Providence, VF, $250.00  
  1850's, 10¢ green (#15) tied by black ADVERTISED with blue side cancel “Marysville, Cal. PAID by Stamps” to Alabama, stamp torn and repaired before affixed to envelope, scarcer, $150.00  
  1850's, 3¢ (#10 orange brown) tied by blue Petersburg VA, 3cts cancel, VF, Scott $190.00, $80.00  
  1850's Embossed Corner card Mills Hopkins Booksellers on 3¢ tied cover, bold embossing, VF, $45.00

  1850's 3¢ (#10A orange brown) tied by Grid and red Great Falls N.H. On homemade cover, VF, Scott $190.00, $75.00  

1850's, 3¢ (#10A orange brown) tied by blue Augusta Geo. , 3 PAID, Scott $190.00, $75.00

  1850's, 3¢ (#10 orange brown) tied by New York 1 Bar cancel (in use 9/51 – 12/52 only), Publisher sender, VF, Scott $260.00, $110.00  
  1850's, 3¢ (#10A orange brown) tied by double circle LOVINGSTON VA, scarce town, Scott $190.00, $90.00  
  1850's, 3¢ (#10 orange brown) tied by scarce town CANOOCHEE GA w/manuscript date, Scott $250.00, $95.00  
  1850's, 3¢ (#10A orange brown) tied by large PAID w/red Boston 3cts, pretty cover, Scott $190.00, $85.00  

  1850's, 3¢ tied Phila Pa w/embossed “La Pierre House J. Taber & Son” advertising reverse, VF, $60.00  
  1850's, 3¢ orange brown (Scott $10) tied by blue Amherst N.H. Scarcer and VF, Scott $260.00, $140.00  
  1850's, 3¢ tied by grid in circle cancel and bold Saratoga Springs, NY, VF, $25.00  

1850’s Boots & Shoes blue shield advertising cover w/3¢ (#11x2) tied, quite attractive, VF, $85.00



1850’s, 3¢ tied Naugatuck R.R. to Seymour Conn, scarce and VF, $200.00


1850’s, 3¢ tied by scarcer Morris & Essex RR (Simpson Rarity 6) on cover to Bethlehem PA, $60.00


1850's, 1¢ blue (#24) vertical pair bottom stamp fault) + single tied Hartford, Conn., one stamp straightedge w/plating line at left, $90.00

  1850’s, Leominster, Ms. (Mass.) “3” on 3¢ (#25) on cover, $135.00  
  1850’s H. C. Beach & Co., Pine St. NY, Cotton Sail Duck, Printing clothes and Copper Rollers RED CAMEO advertising on 3¢ entire, VF, $150.00  
  1850's, 61l4var, 1¢ Eagle City Post plate crack variety tied manuscript on reverse of folded letter, on front red "Staits Despatch Post at Adams Express Paid" handstamp, PF certificate stating "Genuine", variety unlisted on cover, VF, $2,800.00  

1850’s New Hampton NH ms cancel  on tiny cover with US #10A 3¢ imperf, VF, $250.00


1850’s, The Writing and The Spelling Reform unusual advertising cover with Millersville, PA ms cancel, cover with 3¢ (#26Avar) plating dot in top margin, part backflap missing, VF, $130.00


1850’s, Shaffner, Ziegler & Co., Hosiery & Fancy Goods, Philadelphia PA cameo advertising cover with 3¢ (#26) tied, VF, $150.00


1850’s 1¢ Imperf Strip of 3 (#9) tied by Occoquan, VA cds on “turned cover”, upon lifting flap inside is a 3¢ imperf tied to Occoquan, VA, terrific cover opened 3 sides for exhibit, $575.00


1850’s, 10¢ (#32) Washington, 10ct Transcontinental rate, Illinois – California, Ex. Stiss, VF, Scott $300.00, $150.00


1850’s B.C. Howard & Co, Importers & Jobbers of Dry Goods, Boston, Mass blue cameo embossed advertising on cover with 3¢ (#26) tied, bold “Paid”, also red Boston cds, VF+, $180.00


1850’s, 3¢ (#10A) on tiny cover with New Hampton, NH ms (unlisted in Helbock), VF, $275.00 sold


1850’s “Columbia, Cal” straight line cancel, paid 6 cancel & manuscript on stampless cover, F/VF, very scarce, ASCC $350.00, $200.00


1850’s, A. Edwards & Co. Silk & Fancy Goods No. 9 & 11 Park Place New York blue & green cameo embossed advertising on backflap on NY stampless covers, VF, clean, attractive, to same addressee, $350.00


1850’s “Lewis Fatman & Co. Tobacco Merchant & Cigar Importer” embossed cameo advertising on reverse NY stampless, $140.00


1850’s cover with “Unpaid 3” ms marking bearing 3¢ (#26) tied, an unusual marking, $35.00


1850’s, Parmenter & Powers, Dealers in Maple Spruce & Hemlock lumber, most types of chair stock, Chester, VT cds ties 3¢ (#26A) on yellow advertising cover, VF, $100.00


1850’s, Lane & Mangam Comm. Merchants Jobbers in Flour, Grain & Meal, Co., NY red cameo advertising on U10 3¢ entire, VF, $110.00


1850’s, Wadsworth House Buffalo, NY cameo advertising back flap of yellow cover with 3¢ (#11A) imperf, VF, $150.00


1850's, 10¢ (Scott #2) tied by red grid on small cover from Georgetown, South Carolina to Cadet Benjamin Allston (crossed out) at West point NY, stamp w/4 margins and small nick at bottom, the only covers recorded from Georgetown are to this addressee (about 12 known), $1,200.00


1850's Putnam, Conn, Feb 15, “Green” balloon type cancel ties 3¢ (11) imperf to ladies cover, $125.00


1850’s, 10¢ (#32) tied Princeton, Ill. On yellow cover to California, partial letter enclosed, sealed cover tears at top, stamp & cancel VF, $130.00


1850’s, Ladies Embossed cover with 3¢ (#11) Imperf tied Chicago, IL, $60.00


1850’s, Vassal Borough, ME Red Cds Ties 4 margin 3¢ (#11) Imperf to small clean cover, XF, $60.00


1850’s, Connecticut Mutual Life insurance beautifully illustrated Advertising cover w/3¢ (#26) tied, very pretty, $150.00


1850, 10¢ black (#2) tied by red grid cancel with Cleveland O. side cancel to Conn., nice margin to just touching at LR, only 18 10¢ Cleveland covers reported, with original contents, attractive and scarce, $1,000.00


1851, Adams & Co’s Express illustrated Bill of Lading, VF, $50.00

  (1851) 1¢ blue (Scott 7 Relief B from bottom row) tied on cover to West Chester PA, beautiful stamp w/full margins, PF cert, VF+, $300.00  

(1851) 1¢ blue, type II, tied Chicago on Dole, Rumsey Forwarding Agents Circular, large margins, VF, $275.00

  1851, Exeter, NH, numeral “5” in red on embossed ladies cover, letter inside, $25.00  

1851, 15L13, Bloods Despatch Local Post Acid tied w/matching cds on sfl, VF, $60.00


(1851), “Pacific Express Co. June 11 San Francisco” blue circular handstamp, 3¢ (#11) w/pen cancel, blue paid in oval at left to Butte Co. CA, $75.00

1851, 3¢ orange brown (#10) on folded letter dated 7/16/51, plate IE, nice item, Scott $225.00, $130.00

1851, 3¢ orange brown (Scott 10A) tied by red grid cancel on folded letter w/neat red Lancaster PA cds, VF, Scott $210.00, $110.00


1852, James T. Derrickson & Co. Commission Paper Warehouse embossed advertising on backflap of cover bearing 3¢ (#11) imperf, cover with invoice enclosed, $150.00

  1853, 3¢ (#10A orange brown) tied by neat New York cancel on folded letter, Scott $190.00, $80.00  

1854, McDonough House, Middletown, Connecticut, black cameo embossed advertising on backflap of stampless cover with Middletown Conn 3¢ paid cds & paid s/l on front, letter included, $100.00


1854, 3¢ orange brown (#10) on Burlington VT cover, VF, $175.00


(1855) 3¢ (Scott 11) tied Prov. & Stonington R.R. on ladies cover to NY with letter enclosed, scarce cancel and stamp is XF/Superb, margin copy, $275.00


1855, “Strawberry Plains” Tenn ms town cancel on cover, 3¢ (#11) imperf Strip of 3, strip plated as 46-47-48 R5L, cover w/some faults, $75.00


1855, 15L18, 1¢ Bloods Penny Post tied on yellow cover, on reverse is an offset of another 15L18 Blood’s Penny Post, VF, $175.00

  1856, RURAL NEW YORKER advertising cover w/3¢ tied to Iowa, VF, $45.00  
  1856, 3¢ (#11) plus 15L14 Bloods Penny Post Local acid tied on small cover, from Philadelphia cover with sealed tear otherwise nice strikes, no back flap, Scott $375.00, $125.00  

1856, 3¢ imperf (#11) plus 15L14 Bloods Penny Post Acid tied to small cover, VF, $150.00

  (1857), 10¢ type I tied San Francisco with large DUE 10 on yellow envelope, stamp and cover with tear but still pretty and type I quite scarce, Scott $1,300.00, $275.00  

(1857) 3¢ dull red (#26A) tied on handmade cover w/BARRED CIRCLE fancy cancel from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., bold strikes and scarcer, Scott $140.00+, $90.00

  (1857) 3¢ rose (#25) identified as pos. 7R6, tied w/blue cancel on cover to Annapolis, MD, VF, Scott $210.00++, $100.00  

(1857) 3¢ dull red (#26), extremely interesting as stamp was cancelled prior to being applied  and w/margin inscription from Morris Ill., nice item, $125.00

  1857 10¢ (#32) tied by bold CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. On cover to Harrisburg Penn, envelope wear but a scarcer and attractive cover, Scott $230.00, $125.00  
  1857, 3¢ dull red (#11) tied by bold HENRY, ILL 1857 cds, to Mass., $26.00  


1857, 3¢ tied Cincinnati OH embossed handstamp reverse with letter and business card enclosed, $25.00


1857, 5¢ Pair (Scott 12) tied Buffalo on cover to California, full to HUGE margins, rich color, scarce rate, includes 4 page letter, great exhibition piece, $4,500.00


1857, 10¢ green type II (Scott #32), tied Columbia CA to Terra Haute IN and then forwarded to Stonington CT, VF, $350.00

  1857, 3¢ (#26) tied by balloon-type cancel Northville N.Y., VF, $50.00  

  1857, 1¢ (#19b pos. 91R4) large centerline margin single tied on wrapper San Francisco to Ohio, ex. Kline, PF certificate, exceptional rare item, Scott $3,500.00, $2,400.00  

  1858, BLOOD'S PENNY POST (Philadelphia) handstamp on advertising circular, VF, $75.00  
  1858, 3¢ (#26) tied by double circle GENESEO N.Y., nice strike, VF, $32.00  

  1858, 10¢ green, type II (Scott 32) tied on Mourning cover to California, VF, Scott $230.00, $105.00  

(1859) 10¢ green, p. 15 ½ , tied RATTLESNAKE CAL. on cover to NY, nice strike, $275.00


(1859) 145L2, (2¢) Gold, type Vii, 4 margins, on back of env, stamp removed “Street Road, PA” pmk to MD, ex. Sloane, Needham, Scott $400.00, $110.00


(1859) 145L2, (2¢) Gold, type Vii, on back of envelope, stamp excised on front “Street Road, PA’ pmk, ex. Sloane, Needham, Scott $400.00, $95.00

  1859, Bloods Penny Post black cds on folded circular concerning “Oregon Territory and Indian Aid Society, very interesting, $200.00  

1859, 15L18, Bloods Penny Post used on cover w/matching cds, Scott $150.00, $90.00

  1859, 3¢ (#26 w/double left frame line) tied Kenosha Wis. To Rome NY w/st. Line MISSENT, VF, Ex. Chase $75.00  
  1859, 3¢ tied E. Boston Paid w/st. Line ADVERTISED on cover to Maine, $32.00  
  (1860) 10¢ green type II (#32) horiz. pair (pos. 9-10L1) tied by red CLEVELAND O. cancel toCALIFORNIA,  small cover tear at top, APS certificate, date appears to be June 13, 1860 but APS cert states: Genuine - cannot determine year date or how carried to California, nice item, $350.00  
  1860's, 3¢ rose pink (#64b) tied w/blue ring Randolph VT bold cancel on beautiful cover and VF/XF stamp, Scott $170.00+, $120.00  
  1860's, 3¢ Wells Fargo envelope tied w/blue Wells Fargo Sacramento cancel, trimmed at left, $45.00  
  1860's, 3¢ tied with Grant N.Y. Discontinued Post Office, nice strike, $20.00  

1860’s, Standish, ME with fancy Rosette cancel on 3¢, VF, $30.00


1860’s, Stanwix Hall – Albany N.Y., all-over advertising cover, VF, $75.00


1860’s, Jewett & Church – Buffalo NY w/illus. factory, horse & wagon, to Wooster Oh forwarded to Meadville Pa then to Buffalo – a Double Forwarded cover, quite nice, $95.00


  1860’s, 3¢ Pacific Union Express envelope with patent lines tied w/blue cancel, Nevada City to San Francisco, letter enclosed, VF, $75.00  
  1860’s, Congressional Free Franking by H.B. Anthony on all-over advertising cover for 37th Congress Senate Chamber, this was Pres. Lincoln’s Congress,  nice item, $125.00  

1860’s, 1¢ buff entire (U19) + 1¢ (63) tied Boston MA to Mohawk NY, VF, $65.00


1860’s, 2¢ Horse Rider tied by light fancy cancel on New York cds, pretty and VF, $90.00

  1860’s, 3¢ Pink (#64) on cover w/manuscript cancel and matching “Hartville Mass” stamp w/straight edge at right, nice rich color, no back flap, Scott $950.00, $175.00  

1860’s 3¢ (#65x3), 1¢ (#63) overlapped tied by San Francisco CA cogwheel (3) fancy cancel to Canada, ms Canada (backstamp) “Per Steamer” at upper left, small cover faults and scarce usage, $1,250.00


1860’s Scientific American Patent Agency, all over front advertising cover, 3¢ (#65) tied New York cds, $40.00


1860’s 1¢ (#92) Grill on Drop Rate local cover, scarce and nice cover, Scott $550.00, $375.00


1860’s, 3¢ (#94) Grill tied James H. Bush, “Stoves, Tinware, Heaters, ranges & Plumbing” advertising cover, Philadelphia Post Office received backstamp, $50.00


1860’s Bethel, (New York?) cds & solid star fancy cancel ties 3¢ Grill to small ladies cover, carrier cancel reverse, VF, $50.00


1860’s Alexandria, VA cds & floral geometric fancy cancel ties 3¢ (#65) to cover, fancy cancel is Skinner/Eno G-E-R17, VF strike, $65.00


1860’s Pike Run (Washington County 1828-1882) PA DPO manuscript cancel ties 3¢ Grill (#94) on cover to CANADA (bkstp), $40.00


1860’s New York large fancy cancel ties 3¢ (#65) to cover with shield advertising Boscher French Laces, VF, $50.00


1860’s J.S. Shearman Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery & Co., 3¢ (faulty) tied Rockford Ill on orange cameo advertising cover reduced a bit at right, pretty, $175.00


1860’s Portville, NY Jan 14th cds ties 3¢ (#64b) rose pink to cover, rich color, $100.00


1860’s Philadelphia, PA “Fez” Masonic fancy cancel to Attorney at Law cover, reduced a bit at right, bold strike of this scarce cancel, $100.00


1860's, New Haven, Conn negative 6 pointed Star ties 3¢ (65) to small ladies cover, $40.00

  1860’s, Confederate 10¢ on cover with manuscript cancel, to Montgomery, Alabama, $125.00  

1860’s, State of New Hampshire Executive Dept illustration on U58 3¢ entire, used, VF, $150.00


1860’s Glens Falls N.Y. and fancy Hollow Star tying 3¢ on yellow envelope, VF, $28.00


1860’s, Horses & Wagons all-over advertising cover w/3¢ tied Albany, NY, pretty and VF, $75.00


1860’s, Lamb Knitting Machine Co. – Chicopee Falls Mass, all-over advertising showing woman at sewing machine, 3¢ tied, VF, $95.00

  1860's, 3¢ tied and bold balloon-type TRAPPE Md strike, VF, $30.00  

1860’s Bondville VT in red w/3¢ pen cancel and Postmaster signed at top right, VF, $45.00


1860’s Burlington VT tying 3¢ on pretty yellow cover, VF, $24.00


1860’s south Strafford VT large cancel on 3¢, VF, $24.00

  1860, 3¢ tied by blue grid and bold red Bridgewater Ms cancel, VF, $34.00  

1860, 3¢ tied PAIR, Hartford CT with red Boston arrival cds, VF, pretty cover, $45.00


1860, 3¢ tied Burlington VT and concentric rings cancel, VF, $28.00


1860, Fowler & Zeigler commission Merchants w/blue medallion advertising, 3¢ tied Baltimore MD in blue, VF, $80.00


1860, 10¢ green (Scott 34 pos. 74L1) tied w/MS East Hamilton NY on cover (no backflap) to CANADA WEST, accompanying letter from Mortimer Neinken attests to genuiness of stamp (Scott $2,900.00), very nice and scarcer item, $1,200.00



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