1861 to 1880

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Covers listed in year order


1861, 10¢ (#35) tied on small cover to “MATANZAS, CUBA” by “New York Ocean Mail” cancel, also red New York Paid cds & Oval “NAI”, some edge toning otherwise nice, cover with Habana bkstp, $140.00

  1861, 10¢ (#68) tied PAID on trimmed folded letter to CANADA, Scott $100.00, $35.00  

  1861, Folded Letter to Cuba with 10¢ tied New York Paid in red and blue Edminston Brother, forwarded reverse, stamp damaged but scarcer none-the-less, $95.00  

1861, 24¢ steel blue (Scott 70b) tied on small cover Boston to London, some light cover toning, scarce usage, Scott $1,350.00, $350.00


1861, Catskill NY fancy dots cancel on 1¢ (#63x3) on cover, Scott $157.50, $90.00


1861, Shippensburgh, PA blue cds & numeral “5” socked on the nose on 3¢ (#26) on  small cover, superb strike, VF, $100.00


1861, 10¢ (#35) to Havana CUBA, stamp tied by NY “Ocean Mail” cancel, also with red cancel, cover with “NA1” marking along with 2 diff backstamps, scarce, F/VF, $450.00


1861, 3¢ pink (Scott #64) tied on cover Portland ME. to NYC., tiny stamp fault noted on PF certificate, VF appearance, Scott $1,100.00, $300.00


(1861) 3¢ rose tied Jacksonville Illinois on fantastic SIGMI PI advertising cover, VF, $140.00

  1862, Ridgeway PA official Post Office cover w/contents, boxed FREE, VF, $35.00  
  1862, Knoxville PA, official Post Office cover w/contents, boxed FREE, VF, $35.00  

1862, New York City Delivery cds ties 1¢ Franklin (#63) on drop rate cover, VF, $60.00

  1863, Beautiful embossed STARCH FACTORY – Oswego N.Y. Advertising cover w/2¢ tied by NY fancy cancel, Stamp is XF, $75.00  

1863-4, Confederate States, 10¢ greenish blue (#12) large margins tied by blue town cancel, VF, Scott $135.00, $85.00


1863-4, Confederate States, 10¢ blue (#11) full margins, tied Savannah GA to Charlestown SC, minor cover faults, Scott $125.00, $60.00

  1863, STEAMBOAT handstamp cover w/3¢ tied Baltimore and Due 3 in blue, with contents, pretty, $65.00  
  1863, 1¢ + 2¢ (#63 & #73) tied on neat small cover to NY, VF, $75.00  

1863, 3¢ rose pair (#65) , dramatic Fold-over DIAGONAL PERF ERROR tied on Greenfield MS cover, VF, $175.00


1863, Soldiers Letter with Susquehanna Hotel – Baltimore advertising, Baltimore cds + 3 due marking and  in pencil “…could not get any stamps”, letter enclosed, $125.00

  1863, Huntsvill,(e) PA (Luzerne County 1826-1911) DPO (discontinued post office), manuscript on tiny cover w/#65 3¢, scarce, VF, $100.00  
  1864, 2¢ Black Jack uncancelled used on receipt document, unusual and VF, $69.00  

1864, D.M. Dewey – Bookseller Open Air Graph Culture, 3¢ tied Rochester, NY, VF, $75.00


1864, 2¢ (73) BlackJack tied Philadelphia on clean “Crazy Girl…Affair” cover, stamp is XF-Superb, $150.00

  1864, 3¢ rose (#65) beautifully tied Camden Del on small cover, VF, $35.00  


1865, “Cannot be Found” and oval “New York Post Office/Advertised” w/”Manchester N.H.” patent cancel, scarce, $35.00


1865, Civil War “Soldier’s letter” with “Due 3” and Alexandria VA dated JULY 4th, very pretty and better cover, $90.00


1865, Addison Gott – Fish Dealer – Rockport Mass, Cod Fish in red, 3¢ tied, includes enclosure, $25.00


1865, 10¢ (#68) Washington tied on cover to “Prince Edward Island” with arrival backstamp, $70.00


(1865) 2¢ black “E” Grill (#87) tied New York City + fancy cancel on attractive local cover, Scott $300.00, $175.00


1866, 10¢ green (#68) tied on Mourning cover to Canada, very pretty, $165.00


1867-1874, Military related Family Correspondence, interesting group of 5 cover sent to Ensign, then Lieutenant Charles Webster Breed from 1867 – 1871, plus one he sent to his wife in Toledo, OH from Liverpool, England w/1sh 2 pence manuscript rate in 1874, Other  four covers include as Ensign aboard the U.S.S. Swatara stationed in London.  1867, franked Scott 78b gutter single w/B.F. Stevens U.S. Despatch Postal History and markings of Forwarding Agents, also from Niantic, Illinois w/Scott #163, 15 rate via American Steamer to Brazil, plus two covers franked w/ Scott #150 10 rate to U.S.S. Nantasket in San Domingo, one w/red NY cds and blue March 19, 1871 San Domingo receiving cancel, condition mixed w/rough openings, yet interesting historical group of covers, $750.00


1867, 79, 3¢ grilled all over on cover w/Macon GA cds., stamp with usual perf faults, Scott $2,250.00, $650.00


1867, 2¢ black (#73) tied by fancy cancel on pretty yellow envelope, printed circular enclosed, VF, $125.00


1868, 3¢ entire (U34), used with Harrisburg PA cds and matching “1” in a circle (carrier rate?), VF and interesting, $45.00


1868, Blue Byron (Ogle County) ILL. cds & ‘3’ fancy cancel on stamp, VF, Ex. Stiss, $50.00

  1868, 15¢ black tied by fancy cancel and red New York Paid 12 on neat ladies cover to France, very pretty, Scott $300.00+, $225.00  

1868, 2¢ black “E” Grill (#87) tied East Cambridge Mass + fancy cancel on attractive local cover with enclosure, Scott $300.00, $175.00

  1869, 3¢ Locomotive tied by Harrisburg PA on all-over advertising “School Dept Pennsylvania” and Due 3 in circle, VF, $45.00  

  1869, 3¢ tied on PREBLE HOUSE, Portland ME. Advertising cover w/letter, nice item, $75.00  
  1869, 2¢ Black Jack (#93) “F” Grill tied on cover to NY, PF certificate, $42.00  

1869, Muscatine Iowa cover w/3¢ Grill tied by light “Miss. &* Mo. R.R.” cancel, scarce, $45.00

  1869, 3¢ tied by blue ring and Demonsville KY cancels, big stamp, VF, $24.00  

1869, Dry Goods advertising and neat blue Hancock House – Boston arrival, 3¢ tied Wilmington Vt., very pretty, $40.00


1869, St. Charles Hotel Pittsburgh, PA illustrated advertising cover w/ 3¢ (#114) Locomotive tied, part blue addressee received cancel, VF, clean, $200.00



1869 Bridesburg Manufacturing maroon illustrated cover, w/embossed company log of Philadelphia PA, reverse of cover w/factory scene, 2¢ #113 Postrider tied, file fold at far left, $175.00

  1869, East Caanan, NH blue rimless cds, double blue stars fancy cancel tied 3¢ (#94) grill to cover, $50.00  
  1869, 3¢ Wells Fargo envelope tied Portland OR on J.C. Meussdorffer Hats & caps all-over advertising, contents included, VF, $150.00  
  1869, 15¢ Lincoln (#77) tied by fancy cancel to Germany, red transits, VF, $175.00  
  1870, 3¢ Locomotive tied by blue Bristol Wis. Ring & cds on pretty illustrated Ladies Cover, $65.00  
  1870, 6¢ Lincoln tied on small pretty cover to England w/Phila. Paid All in purple and red PAID arrival, VF, $90.00  

  1870's, Bethel, Mass. 5 pointed star on 3 Grill on cover, black carrier cancel on reverse, $30.00  
  1870's, 3¢ Wells Fargo envelope tied w/blue San Francisco to Carson City, Nevada, VF, $60.00  
  1870's, STRAWCUTTER all-over advertising over w/3¢ tied Richmond VA, VF, $95.00  
  1870's, A&P Tea Co. full front advertising cover w/3¢ tied New York, scarcer early use, VF, $125.00  
  1870's, 3¢ tied on State of NY Senate Chamber all-over advertising cover, trimmed at left, VF, $25.00  
  1870's, 3¢ tied on Arron Griffin Pharmaceutic Pills all-over advertising cover, rough opening at top, $19.00  
  1870's, 3¢ (x2) tied by Savannah GA and Fancy Star cancels in blue with Carrier cancel reverse, very pretty on yellow cover, VF, $45.00  
  1870's, 3¢ tied Syracuse N.Y. And Fancy Cancel on pretty yellow cover, VF, $32.00  
  1870's East Summerville MS discontinued Post Office cover w/1¢ tied to Sabbath School in Harwich Port, $15.00  
  1870's, 1¢ tied on SCREW FASTENED BOOTS advertising cover, Boston to NY, VF, $35.00  
  1870's, Ogden City, Utah Territorial cover w/3¢ tied to Mass. , VF, $45.00  
  1870, 3¢ Wells Fargo & Co. envelope tied Marysville, with all-over advertising J.C. Meussdorffer Hats & Caps, VF, $125.00  

1870, Charleston, Mass red cds along w/’Advertised” auxillary marking on ladies cover bearing 3¢ (#114) Locomotive, $100.00

  1870, 15¢ black (Scott 98) tied on Adjutant General's cover to Fort Ann NY, notation on cover reverse says 'double grill' but we have not removed the stamp to confirm, original letter enclosed, VF, $500.00  

  1870's, 1¢ card (UX5) with TOBACCO CHEWERS advertising reverse, used, Vf, $15.00  
  1870's, 2¢ tied on pretty Y.M.H.A. Cover, VF, $22.00  

1870’s Cheese Factory & Dairy Goods advertising with interesting addressee, 1¢ tied Rome N.Y., colorful and VF, $40.00


1870’s, Merrill & Co. Patented Machinery and Water Wheels on 3¢ envelope, tied Beloit Wis, VF, $24.00


1870’s, C.Aultman & Co. all-over advertising w/horses and buggy illustrated, 1¢ tied Canton Ohio, pretty and VF, $75.00


1870’s, Duncannon PA and fancy hollow star cancel on 1¢ card, F/VF, $15.00


1870’s, Oberlin O. and fancy Grid cancel on 1¢ card, VF, $15.00


1870’s, Carrollton, KY and fancy Bullseye cancel in blue on 1¢ card, VF, $24.00


1870’s D.P.O. Morrisania, NY and fancy Oval Grid on 1¢ card, VF, $24.00



1870’s 1¢ postal card tied by Monongahela City PA Fancy “Tree” cancel with advertising reverse for Post Office Stamp Pads, VF, $90.00


1870’s, 3¢ banknote tied by Negative 8 Boston cancel + Chester NH Postmaster side cancel in violet, attractive and VF, $65.00


1870’s West Mentor, Ohio, bold octagonal fancy cancel in purple on 1¢ card w/spindle holes, $25.00



  1870’s, Wells Fargo & Co. Virginia City N.T. (Nevada Territory) blue handstamp on paste-up entire, VF strike, $175.00  
  1870’s “Stolen” horse reward advertising on used UX3 card, VF, $40.00  

1870's Boston & Essex Junction RR cds on UX3 1¢ postal card, VF, $45.00



1870’s 3¢ envelope (U163) tied by Middletown springs VT “M” in purple to St. Louis (Bkstp), VF, $25.00


1870’s, Manchester, Iowa blue cds w/matching geometric fancy cancel ties 3¢ banknote, beautiful strike, unrecorded in Cole, $60.00


1870, 10¢ (#116) tied N. York Steamship on arrival in NY and originating in Danish West Indies – St. Thomas cds, stamp w/small repaired tear probably at time of mailing, attractive and scarce ship cover, listed but unpriced in Scott, $1,500.00

  (1870) 1¢ Banknote tied by purple Saratoga Springs N.Y. and NEGATIVE STAR IN CIRCLE fancy cancel, VF, $40.00  

1871, 6¢ Banknote (#148) deep rich color on yellow orange cover, Taunton ms cds adjacent stamp, beautiful, $65.00




1872, 7¢ Stanton (#149) tied Kittanning PA w/red NY & Hamburg transits to GERMANY via England, very attractive, Scott $160.00, $95.00


1873, 3¢ on orange cover w/neat Gilbertville Mass cancel, VF, $15.00



1873, 7¢ Stanton (#138 “H” Grill) tied Kittanning PA w/red NY Transit via England to AUSTRIA, stamp w/pulled perf at top, very scarce, Scott $675.00, $150.00


1873, Decorah, Iowa negative star fancy cancel on 1c (UX3) postal card, VF, $30.00

  1873, 3¢ envelope tied by blue San Francisco cancel on Wells Fargo and W.W. dodge co. all-over advertising cover, includes enclosed letter, VF, $120.00  

1873, Wells Fargo Yreka with blue oval cancel on 3¢ entire, VF, $60.00

  1873, “Look out for Him” card, man buying goods with bad check etc, on 1¢ (UX3) card to Newburgh, NY, $75.00  
  (1873) 3¢ Banknote tied Pittsburg PA and LARGE STAR IN CIRCLE fancy cancel, VF, very pretty cover, $75.00  
  (1873) 3¢ Banknote tied Worcester Mass. And bold STAR fancy cancel, VF, $35.00  
  1874, 1¢ Postal card w/blue Bowling Green MO and concentric rings cancels, VF, $24.00  
  1874, 3¢ tied blue/green Rockford IL and solid circle Fancy cancel, dated last day of year, letter inside, VF, $28.00  

1874, Whitestown, N.Y. and fancy “W” in purple on 1¢ card, VF, $24.00


1874, New York “VII” fancy numeral cancel on 3¢ banknote tied on cover, Cole NYC-43 page 300, $40.00


1874, Beautiful cover to Canada, 3¢(3) + 2¢ all tied on unusual green envelope, cover sold for $220.00 in 1994 at auction, $200.00


  1875, Carmel NY Fancy STAR cancel on 1¢ card, VF, $22.00  

  1875, 3¢ tied by Fancy Cancel Hartford cancel with Blue Carrier Chicago Ill. Reverse, VF, $27.00  

1875, Montana Territorial 1¢ card (UX3) tied with light RADERSBURGH MONT and fancy cancel, VF, $30.00

  1875, 6¢ Lincoln (x2) + 2¢ tied on double rate cover to Germany, red NY transit, pretty, $100.00  
  1876, Stampless folded letter from Cardenas Cuba (blue forward cancel) to NY w/5¢ Due marking, VF, $60.00  

1876, Wash & Weldon RPO cds on cover with “Missent” straight line on pretty little cover, also “Carrier” cds on reverse, VF, $35.00

  1876, 3¢ tied on Tobacco & Cigar advertising cover w/letter inside, VF, $35.00  

1876, 2¢ vermillion tied by NY Fancy Cancel, with letter contents, VF, $25.00


1877, Pekin, Ill and fancy Large Grid cancel in blue on 1¢ card, VF, $22.00


1877, Goodman & Myers Tobacco & Cigars, Savannah, GA, illustrated advertising cover, VF, $75.00

  1877, 1¢ card tied Pittsburgh PA + Large MALTESE CROSS, VF, $30.00  

1878, Dauphin, PA “76” fancy cancels on each 3¢ banknote on cover to Canada (bkstp), cover faulty not affecting stamps, $90.00

  1878, 2¢ Black Jack (#73) tied on neat cover to Boston, VF, Scott $75.00, $38.00  

1878, Canton, Ohio purple cds & 5 pointed star in circle fancy cancel on UX5 1¢ postal card, VF, $25.00


1878, 1¢ card tied Pittsburgh, Pa w/large “M” in circle cancel, file punch holes at right, $35.00


1878, 1¢ card tied “Wilson, N.C.” w/STAR IN CIRCLE in purple, file punch holes at right, $20.00

  1878, Colorado Springs, CO purple cds & negative 5 pointed star fancy cancel ties 3¢ banknote to cover, VF, $35.00  

1878, Washington D.C. – 3PM + fancy cancel in purple on 3¢ banknote, handstamps showing time are scarcer, $28.00


1878, New Orleans, LA and fancy Wedge Circle cancel on 1¢ card, file punch holes, VF, $18.00


1878, Logan O. and fancy Star in Circle in purple on 1¢ card, file punch holes, VF, $22.00


1878, Madison Ind. And fancy Negative “B” in blue on 1¢ card, VF, $22.00


1878, Hillsdale, Mich and fancy Bullseye cancel in blue on 1¢ card, file punch holes, VF, $22.00

  1878, 3¢ tied by Orangeburg C.H. South Carolina and Fancy star cancel on pretty orange cover, VF, $30.00  
  1879, 3¢ tied by purple star & Nebraska City cancel, transits reverse, VF, $24.00  

1879, Station G Philad. And Grid cancel in purple on 1¢ card, VF, $18.00


1879, R.P.O. N.Y. and Horn Tr.12 on 1¢ card, VF, $15.00


1879, Staunton, Ill w/large star all in purple on 1¢ card, file punch holes, VF, $25.00


1879, Amsterdam N.Y. and fancy star in circle cancel on 1¢ card, VF, $28.00


1879, Mitchellsburg, KY + fancy Star cancel in magenta on 3¢ banknote, neat small cover, VF, $35.00



1879, Warsaw New York + Maltese Cross fancy cancel tying 3¢ banknote, reverse Carrier cancel in purple, VF, $38.00

  1879, American Bank Note Co. Private Letter sheet, UNFOLDED, top quality and rare, $225.00  

1879, Ida Grove, Iowa purple cds & matching solid star on 1¢ UX5 postal card, VF+, $30.00


1879, Dewitt (Clinton County 1895-1935) Iowa DPO, bold purple cds & star fancy cancel on 1¢ UX5 postal card, VF+, $30.00


1879, 1¢ card tied “Pittsburgh, Pa” large STAR in circle, VF, $40.00

  1879, 3¢ Banknote tied purple Newtonville Mass and STAR fancy cancel, VF, $20.00  
  1879, 3¢ Banknote (Huge stamp) tied purple Hillsdale N.Y. and STAR IN CIRCLE fancy cancel, VF, $45.00  

1879, 3¢ tied by bold Dowagiac Mich in purple on pretty cover w/contents, VF, $35.00


Mar. 13 ---, WASHINGTON RAILROAD scarce GREEN cancel on cover w/small tear at top “18½” rate in manuscript, to NY, $125.00


  1880's, Vacuum Oil Company all-over advertising tied Rochester N.Y. On unfranked cover to Rhode Island, contents included, VF, $42.00  

(1880’s) 1¢ Wells Fargo Newspaper stamp (Scott 143LP9) tied on cover, PF certificate states ‘stamp tied by genuine purple Wells Fargo cancel but decline opinion with respect to whether this cover with small faults passed through the mail”, quite scarce, $925.00


1880’s, Graphic Man on Stairs – Stair Rods advertising cover, 3¢ tied New York N.Y., pretty, VF, $25.00

  1880's Wells Fargo TB 1299 Type J purple oval "Wells Fargo & Co's Express San Francisco", also straight line "Collect 5", $75.00  

1880’s, Yorston & Co. BOOKBINDERS w/illustrated Oil Lamp and book advertising, 3¢ tied by fancy 3 and Cincinnati Oh cds in blue, pretty, VF, $35.00

  1880’s, 3¢ envelope tied to magenta Wells Fargo – San Francisco cancel to Benicia CA, $45.00  

1880’s, 1¢ Banknote tied New York on J.F. Johnson Produce Merchant advertising cover, VF, $25.00


1880’s, 1¢ Banknote tied Ansonia, Conn on Bristol Mfg advertising cover w/open book depicted, VF, $28.00

  1880’s, U.S. 3¢ Banknote tied by early NORWAY NY cancel, VF, neat item, $25.00  

1880’s Hermetically Sealed is Every Bulb of Anti-Toxin issued by Parke, Davis & Co. illustrated advertising on UX14 postal card, VF, $30.00


1880’s, Singer Mfg. Co NY advertising cover with 2¢ (#210) tied, reduced a bit at left, $30.00


1880’s “Poughkeepsie NY Carrier” cds on cover, VF strike, $35.00

  1880’s, Sea Bright, NJ (Monmouth County 1871-1960) DPO (discontinued post office) on cover w#213, $25.00  
  1880’s Wayland Depot, NY (Stueben County 1852-1884) DPO, bankstamp on Dansville NY cover, $25.00  
  1880, 1¢ postal card tied by blue Ludlow VT and fancy cancel, VF, $22.00  
  1880's, 2¢ tied Salisaw Ind.(ian) T.(erritory) addressed to Ohio, VF, $38.00  
  1880, Finksburg MD bold blue cancel on 1¢ card, VF, $19.00  

1880, Sabetha, Kansas + fancy Star cancel on 3¢ entire, bkstp Iowa, nice strike, $35.00

  1880's, 1¢ tied on yellow envelope with PIANO & SEWING MACHINES advertising, $22.00  

1880’s, Orchard Park, N.Y. + Star in circle fancy cancel on 2¢, $22.00


1880’s, Elizabeth, N.J. ARC cancel on 1¢ banknote, $24.00


  1880's 2¢ envelope to Oklahoma Territory CLOUD CHIEF (bkstp) from Arkansas, scarcer, $35.00  

1880’s, Jewett City, Conn Fancy Hollow STAR cancel on 3¢ banknote, VF, $30.00


1880’s, Hollow Star fancy Philadelphia cancel on 2¢ banknote, VF, $25.00


1880’s, D.P.O. Hartwick, New York and fancy star cancels in magenta tying 1¢, VF, $45.00


1880’s, Sidney Center N.Y. + concentric rings fancy cancel in red tying 3¢ banknote, VF, $29.00


1880’s, W.L. Douglas $3.00 Shoe advertising on 1¢ envelope (U119), VF, $25.00


1880’s, John Lucas & Co, all-over Gibsboro White Lead Color advertising, 3¢ tied Philadelphia, PA, quite nice, VF, $100.00


1880’s, Ammidon & Co – Baltimore Md w/all-over advertising of Soup Tureen, 3¢ tied, VF, $85.00


1880’s, Derby Day Kentucky Boubons advertising on cover w/3¢ tied St. Louis Mo., trimmed at right, $30.00


1880’s, N.Y. Storage Warehouse w/large illus. incl. horses and buggies, 2¢ tied New York, NY, VF, $40.00

  1880's, 1¢ (#206) tied by bold LIMA O. and ring cancel, VF, $14.00  

1880’s, Bancroft & Co – Book Publishers – San Francisco Cal, pretty all-over advertising w/3¢ tied by fancy cancel, VF, $85.00

  1880's, 3¢ pair tied Columbus OH on SAFE & LOCK advertising cover, $24.00  
  1880's, 3¢ tied on SMOKING TOBACCO advertising cover Pittsburgh PA, VF, $28.00  
  1880, 1¢ postal card tied by bold purple STAR fancy cancel & West Brownsville PA, $30.00  
  1880, 3¢ + 15¢ (#184,189) tied by Storm Lake Iowa and fancy Maltese Cross cancel on pretty yellow cover, $90.00  

1880, Royal Arcanum (Mystic Secret Order Society) with 1¢ tied by Star-in-Star fancy cancel Taunton Mass, VF, $30.00



1880, TRACY MINN. Postmaster E.O. Braun cancel tying 3¢ w/bkstp Currie, Minn & Fancy grid cancel, $42.00


1880, Boonville, MO, J.A. Eppstein P.M. postmaster cancel on small cover, VF, $40.00


1880, Newell, Iowa double circle cds & star in circle fancy cancel on 1¢ UX5 postal card, VF+, $25.00


1880, Clinton, NY purple cds & star in circle fancy cancel on UX5 1¢ postal card, VF, $25.00


  1880, UX5 “$25.00 Reward” for arrest of colored man, on UX5 card, VF, $95.00  
  (1880), 3¢ Banknote tied Saratoga Springs N.Y. w/NEGATIVE STAR in blue, VF, $25.00  
  1880, 2¢ Banknote tied Bath N.Y. Steuben Co. and solid STAR cancel, Cohooton arrival reverse, $20.00  

1880, 1¢ postal card tied by purple Emlenton, Venanco Co. PA cancel, VF, $25.00

  1880, 3¢ Banknote tied Wahoo Neb. and bold negative STAR IN CIRCLE, VF, $35.00  
  (1880) 3¢ envelope tied Williamsville N.Y. and STAR IN CIRCLE fancy cancel, VF, $25.00  
  1880, 1¢ envelope tied by purple Amsterdam N.Y. and STAR IN CIRCLE fancy cancel, VF, $35.00  

1880, Marshallville, GA in red on 1¢ card, unlisted cancel, VF, $45.00


1880, Bath, N.Y./Stuben County in purple on 1¢ card, VF, $30.00




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