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  CONNECTICUT, Hartford 3 PAID, nice red cancel on small cover, VF, $18.00  

CONNECTICUT, Middletown, 1838, SFL to NY w/red cancel and ms 12 ½ , VF, $22.00



CONNECTICUT, Naugatuck, 1850, stampless folded letter w/blue Albany & Buffalo RailRoad cds and 10 in circle, VF, $90.00

  CONNECTICUT, New London with PAID and 5 all in red on pretty 1849 folded letter regarding coal and wood for railroad, VF, $27.00  

CONNECTICUT, TOWLE RAILROADS/NAUGATUK, 1849 folded letter Ansonia to Philadelphia w/orange red town cancel and “5”, rarity factor VII, VF, $250.00


CONNECTICUT, Stamford, 1846, SFL to NJ w/red cancel and ms 5, VF, $24.00

  ILLINOIS, Carlinville, 1838/40’s, sfl & Shawneetown stampless front only, nice strikes and a bit scarcer, $45.00  
  KENTUCKY, Shelbyville, 1848, Paid on SFL, VF strike, $25.00  
  LOUISIANA, New Orleans bold PAID and 10 on 1848 folded letter to NY, VF, $27.00  

MAINE, Portland, 1844 SFL to Boston, nice strike of blue cancel, VF, $27.00


MARYLAND, Frederick 1846 folded letter w/red town cancel, VF, $22.00


MARYLAND, Williamsport, 1848 folded letter w/black town cancel and “5”, VF, $22.00

  MARYLAND, Williamsport, 1835, Oval cds w/ms May 26 on SFL, VF strike, $50.00  
  MARYLAND, Baltimore and FREE in red on pretty folded letter to NY, VF, $27.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, Boston PAID 1880 on printed “Received by Telegraph “ letter, VF, $22.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, Salem bold blue cancel plus 5 on pretty folded letter to NY, VF, $22.00  
  MASACHUSETTS, Middleborough and PAID 3 on 1853 folded letter to NY, VF, $24.00  

MASSACHUSETTS, Boston, 1841, SFL to Bridgewater Mass., red cancel and ms, VF, $18.00


MASSACHUSETTS, Cambridge Port, 1847, SFL to Newbury NH, red cancel and red 5, VF, $42.00


MASSACHUSETTS, Cambridge, 1857, SFL to Worcester Mass., blue cancel and blue 5, VF, $32.00

  MASSACHUSETTS, Newburyport, Red town cancel and PAID on stampless cover, VF, $22.00  

MASSACHUSETTS, North Adams, 1852, ladies envelope w/letter to Mass., w/black cancel, straight line PAID and 5, VF, $26.00


MASSACHUSETTS, 1844, Hale & Co. “Collect 6 cents for Boston Office” stampless folded letter, VF, $40.00

  MASSACHUSETTS, Hubbardston, 1840’s, ms “5” in red cds on stampless, VF strike, $20.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, N. Falmouth, 1845, red cds w/ms 20th day, $30.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, North Eaton, 1846,1848, Two SFL’s in blue and black, nice strikes, $30.00  

MASSACHUSETTS, Springfield, 1847, SFL to PA, red cancel and red 10, VF, $18.00

  MASSACHUSETTS, Williamsburg, 1848, ms “5” in red on SFL, $15.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, Chicopee, 1848, sl cancel on SFL to Freedonia, NY, scarce, $100.00  
  MASSACHUSETTS, South Easton, 1851, 5cts cds in red, boldly struck on SFL, $40.00  

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Hanover, 1811 stampless w/manuscript town and Paid 17 to Skaneateles, NY, VF+, $120.00



NEW JERSEY, Caldwell 1850 stampless letter with manuscript date inside double oval Caldwell, scarcer town, $120.00


NEW JERSEY, TRENTON 1845 folded letter, town cancel and “5 in Octagon” in blue, scarcer and VF, $85.00


NEW JERSEY, ------STOWN, COVER W/LETTER INSIDE FROM Chatham, scarce GREEN PAID 3 and cds, to Phila, $27.00

  NEW YORK, Pittsford , 1835 folded letter w/red PAID and NY transit, VF, $24.00  

NEW YORK, 1853, SFL w/black cancel, VF, $18.00


NEW YORK, Albany, 1840, SFL to Washington DC, red cancel, VF, $24.00

  NEW YORK, Albany, 1845, stampless folded letter to NY, w/red cancel and red ms, VF, $25.00  

NEW YORK, Bath, 1846 stampless cover to Albany, bold red 5 and cds, $18.00


NEW YORK, Binghampton, 1843, SFL to NY, red cancel and red ms, VF, $28.00


NEW YORK, Oaks Corners (Ontario County), 1845, st. line cancel in black on stampless folded letter to Ohio, “10” in circle, aged but much scarcer town, $75.00


NEW YORK, C. Valley, 1827, red st. line cancel on stampless folded letter, ms “`12 ½ “ rate, scarcer town, VF, $75.00


NEW YORK, Deveseaux, 1843, SFL to Dalton, Mass., w/manuscript Paid 12 ½ , VF, $30.00


NEW YORK, New York, 1857 SFL to New London, bold red PAID 3cts cancel, VF, $23.00


NEW YORK, Newburgh, 1846, SFL to Ithaca, red cancel, VF, $27.00


NEW YORK, Schenectady, 1844, SFL to NY, red cancel and black ms, VF, $18.00

  NEW YORK, Syracuse, scarce oval cancel on 1829 folded letter, and 12¢ rate marking, quite nice, $75.00  

NEW YORK, Troy, 1837, SLF to New  York, bold blue 5cts cds, VF, $24.00

  NEW YORK, Troy, 1841 folded letter, Red town cancel, VF, $18.00  

NEW YORK, Utica, 1852, SFL to NY, red cancel and red embellished PAID, VF, $45.00


NEW YORK, Ogdensburgh, 1841 folded letter, town cancel in Red, Vf, $24.00


NEW YORK, Kingston, 1841 folded letter w/red town cancel and m/s 10, VF, $24.00


NEW YORK, 1853, Feb 2 Paid 1ct (high “T” in ct) red cds on stampless, VF, $50.00

  NEW YORK, Hamilton, 1846, Paid boxed 5 in blue SLF, ms “Paid No. 79”, VF, $30.00  
  NEW YORK, Hudson, 1818, “fancy scroll’ cds on SFL, VF, $35.00  
  NEW YORK, Covert, 1840’s stampless w/nice strike of DPO cancel w/ms date Oct 9, VF, $40.00  
  NEW YORK, Keeseville, 1843, SFL space between “Keese & Ville”, unlisted in ASCC, VF, $25.00  

OHIO, Newark, 1839, SFL to Mount Vernon Ohio, black cancel and ms paid 6, VF, $24.00

  OHIO, Pomeroy, 1852, black cds on SFL, $120.00  
  PENNSYLVANIA, West Chester, 1839 folded letter, nice strike, VF, $24.00  
  PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia Octagon in red and PAID on 1835 to NY, VF, $24.00  
  PENNSYLVANIA, Beaver town cancel in red on 1846 folded letter to Ohio, $18.00  

PENNSYLVANIA, Erie, 1845, SFL to Philadelphia, blue cancel, VF, $26.00


PENNSYLVANIA, Reading, 1849, SFL to PA, red cancel, red straight line PAID, red 5 and ms Paid, VF, $28.00


PENNSYLVANIA, “Carlisle PENa”, 1850, scarcer Germantown cancel and “5”, nice cover, $30.00


PENNSYLVANIA, Chambersburg, 1835 folded letter w/bold town cancel and ms 12 rate, VF, $22.00


PENNSYLVANIA, York, 1827, Allegorical figure in red on SFL, rare cancel, ASCC $1,750.00 (25+ years ago), $1,400.00



PENNSYLVANIA, Harrisburg, 1850, RR blue cds & matching “5” rate on SFL, cover originated in Harrisburg and went to Mifflintown, PA, VF strike, $75.00


PENNSYLVANIA, McKeesport, Sept 16 and “5” rate manuscript on stampless to Ohio, unrecorded in ASCC, $150.00


PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster, 1850’s, cancel and “5” in “Green” on stampless cover, VF, $45.00

  RHODE ISLAND, Newport and 5 in red on 1849 “Moiniers Patent” letter page, VF, $22.00  

SOUTH CAROLINA, Charleston, 1839, SFL to NY, red cancel and red straight line PAID, VF, $24.00

  VERMONT, Burlington, 1834, Maroon cds on SFL court document, nice strike, $30.00  

VERMONT, Bradford, 1849 folded letter, red town cancel and “5”, VF, $22.00

  WASHINGTON, CITY OF in red on 1835 folded letter to NY, VF, $22.00  
  WASHINGTON, D.C. On FREE franking cover from U.S. Senator to Conn, pretty and VF, $32.00  
  WASHINGTON, D.C., Congress Free cancel on House of Representative – Chaffee envelope to Brooklyn, VF, $24.00  


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