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PR3P4 25¢ orange red Newspaper, Plate Proof on card, corner crease UL, VF, Scott $75.00, $35.00

PR5 5¢ blue Newspaper, unused no gum as issued, full perfs and Fine, Scott $225.00, $79.00  
PR7 25¢ dark carmine Newspaper, no gum as issued, VF, Scott $300.00, $175.00  
  Newspaper Stamp Group of 17 different, incl #'s PR9-13, 16, 57-61, 65, 79, 81, 91, 102-3, all unused no gum or regummed, a few w/small faults but overall a nice starter collection of scarcer stamps, Scott for no gum $2,502.00, $625.00  
PR16 12¢ rose Newspaper, unused no gum, VF, Miller certificate, Scott for no gum $325.00, $175.00  

24 rose, og, hinge rem, small thin/crease UR corner, rich color and scarce stamp, Weiss certificate, Scott $850.00, $250.00

PR22 84¢ rose Newspaper, og, NH, perf fault at bottom, F/VF, Miller certificate, Scott for inged $1,850.00, $675.00  
PR22 84¢ rose Newspaper, og, NH, fresh and F/VF, Miller certificate, Scott for hinged $1,850.00, $1,450.00  
PR22 84¢ Newspaper stamp, og, LH, rich color and scarce, Miller certificate, VF, Scott $1,850.00, $975.00  
PR22 84¢ Newspaper, og, LH, few perf faults, copy of Miller cert from which this came, F/VF, Scott $1,850.00 $450.00  
PR25 $3.00 Newspaper, og, hinged, tiny thin at top, Rare Stamp, fresh and Fine, PSAG certificate, Scott $2,500.00, $550.00  
PR57 2 Newspaper, Block of 4, og, hinged, 1 stamp small thin, small perf seps otherwise VF, Scott $300.00, $95.00  
PR58-62 3¢ - 10¢ Newspaper Stamps, og, hinged except 4¢ & 10¢ no gum and catalogued as such, F/VF-VF, Scott $440.00, $210.00  
PR66 48¢ red Newspaper, og, hinged, light corner crease LL, fresh and F/VF, PSE certificate, Scott $1,000.00, $275.00  
PR69 85¢ red Newspaper, og, LH, VF, Miller certificate, Scott $1,250.00, $675.00  
PR81 1¢ Newspaper, og, NH, F/VF, Weiss certificate, Scott $225.00, $115.00  
PR90 1¢ intense black Newspaper, og, LH, light crease otherwise VF, Scott $400.00, $125.00  
PR90 1¢ intense black Newspaper, unused no gum, soft paper, few blunted perfs otherwise well centered stamp, Scott for no gum $160.00, $49.00  
PR91 2¢ intense black, og, hinge rem, natural paper crease and small thins, VF centering, Weiss certificate, Scott $450.00, $135.00  
PR119 50 Newspaper, used, VF, Scott $75.00, $45.00  
PR119 50¢ Newspaper, Plate No. Block of 6, og, 5NH/1LH, some perf seps top pair, VF, Scott $500.00+, $275.00  


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