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  1883, Springer TF159, 10 lb Tobacco Revenue taxpaid, $45.00  
  1883, Springer TF178A, 1 lb Manufactured Tobacco Revenue taxpaid, much better than usually found, $80.00  
  1901 Pan Am Expo Labels, Buffalo N.Y., og, LH, colorful and scarcer, VF, $35.00  
F1 10¢ Eagle Registration stamp, fresh og, NH, VF, Scott $160.00, $85.00  
F1 10¢ Registration Eagle, og, NH, F/VF, Scott $160.00, $69.00  

10 Registration stamp, fresh og, hinge rem, Scott $75.00, $34.00


10 Registration stamp, Block of 4, og, 2NH/2LH, very fresh and scarce multiple, VF/XF, Miller certificate, Scott $510.00, $295.00

S2 25¢ War Savings, Block of 4 with Green Blob Inking Error, NH, VF, $45.00  
5L1 $20.00 American Letter Mail Co., Trial Color Print reprints, in 6 diff colors, unused, VF, $65.00  
15T55 25 gray blue, Pane of 6, extremely fresh og, NH, a few perf seps, XF and rare pane, Scott $500.00 for hinged, $375.00  
15TO16a Postal Telegraph Co. Booklet of 10 panes, NH, VF, $125.00  
TD84A 1956 Blank Test Stamps, p. 11 x 10, Complete sheet of 100, og, NH with gum breaker ridges as issued, VF and scarce, Scott $1,250.00, $675.00  
TD107v BEP Test Coils w/scarcer Gold and Silver Defacement Lines, VF, $45.00  
TD107v BEP Test Coil singles w/Thick and Thin Defacement Lines, og, NH, VF, $20.00  
TD107v BEP Test Coil LIne pairs w/wide and narrow black Defacement Lines, VF, $75.00  
TD107v BEP Test Coil Line Pairs w/single and double silver Defacement Lines, VF, $110.00  
TD107v BEP Test Coil Line pairs w/red, blue and brown Defacement Lines, VF, $140.00  
TDB84Fg 29¢ Rose Test Booklet Pane of 18 without printing on back, scarce and rarely offered, VF, $250.00  
WX6 1910 Christmas seal, og, NH, $25.00  



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