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1851/61, #9/24, 1¢ blue, Fancy cancel collection, some nice strikes and better stamps here,

19 items total including pair and 3-strip


1850’s/70’s, Small Group of different fancy cancels


3˘ (#O115) War Dept used with Post Office Dept “POD” fancy cancel

3˘ Banknotes with Negative Star and Star in Star fancy cancels, VF $24.00
Scott 65, 3˘, used with "green' cds cancel, Scott $103.00 $65.00
Scott 114, 3˘ Locomotive with black and very scarce “BROWN” cancel $75.00

183, 184, Pink cancels, quite rare

1˘ Banknote, Blue Grid cancel on a Jumbo stamp $60.00
1˘ Banknote, Boston Negative "D" $30.00
2˘ Banknote, Bill Brook, Ohio SHIELD, VF $65.00
3˘ Banknote w/Chicago blue outlined crossroads fancy cancel, VF $25.00

1883, 3¢ cut square tied by HORSESHOE Cimarron, Kansas fancy cancel,

scarce and bold strike

6¢ Lincoln, used w/Red New York PAID, VF $50.00
6¢ Lincoln, used on small piece tied by Charlestown NH and Masonic Fancy Cancel, VF $70.00
6¢ Lincoln, used with blue cancel, very small thin, gorgeous XF centering for this issue, $95.00

6¢ Lincoln, group of 4 w/Fancy Cancels, one marked reverse as Waterbury type S-3,

very desireable for the specialist, VF

159, 6¢ Lincoln, Circle of Hearts fancy cancel, pretty and VF $45.00
163, 15˘ Banknote (#163) w/bold “Leaf” fancy cancel, Scott for stamp $160.00 $95.00
Group of 29 different Fancy STAR cancels on 2˘ reds, great strikes $160.00
Pre-1885 Fancy Cancels, Group of 8 different beautiful strikes $75.00

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