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125XS 1861, 4sk wavy lines tied by Itzehoe Numeral #119 to Frankfort routed to Hamburg via Lubeck, the KDOPA Lubeck receiving postmark is uncommon, nice item, $75.00  

1862, 8sk gray (Facit 6a) VF 4 margin stamp on attractive folded letter to Sweden, Nielsen certificate, AFA $1,400.00, $590.00


1863, 16sk, rouletted (Facit 10) tied on folded letter to SWEDEN, extremely attractive and rare exhibit cover, Nielsen certificate, AFA $8,500.00, $3,500.00



1865, 16sk Pair (Scott 15) tied by Numeral 224 (Fieldpost #3) to ENGLAND, top right stamp w/some blunted perfs, various transits, rough cover opening but a scarce usage, Facit $975.00, $210.00  
126AY 1881, 10ore postal card to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC via London (bkstp), unlisted in Facit possibly UNIQUE, $375.00  
126AYM 1887, 5ore card + 5ore tied Kobenhavn to POLAND, unlisted destination in Facit, VF, $100.00  

126AZD 1893, Incoming Registered cover from NEW SOUTH WALES, Kobenhaven arrival, nice item from down under, VF, $125.00  
126AZN 1899, VIBY Star Cancel on 5ore postal card, VF, $24.00  
126AZP 1899, 10ore card used to ARGENTINA, VF, $70.00  
126AZPB 1900, BRAASKOV Star Cancel tying 5ore on picture postcard, bold strike, VF, $24.00  
126AZPK 1903, 5ore tied on cover to Norway with bold ALTERKALKEN handstamp in purple, $19.00  
126AZPN 1904, Postcard to PUERTO RICO via NY (bkstp) and arrival cancel on front, unrecorded destination, scarce and VF, $225.00  
126AZPP 1904, SONDERSO Star Cancel on 5ore postal card, bold strike, VF, $22.00  
126AZPQ 1904, VESTER-HASINGE Star Cancels each tying a 5ore to picture postcard, VF, $35.00  

126AZPR 1905, Star Cancel LINDELSE tying 5ore to postcard, VF, $24.00  

126AZPS 1906, SANDVIG Star Cancel tying multifranked 1ore + 2ore on postcard, nice item, VF, $50.00  
126AZPT 1906, LADBY Star Cancel tying 5ore on picture postcard, bold strike, very scarce, VF, $150.00  
126AZPU 1906, SOBY Star Cancels tying 1ore orange and 2ore red to picture postcard, VF, $24.00  
126AZPV (1906) DAMSHOLTE Star Cancel on 3ore postal card, VF, $24.00  
126AZPW 1906, THURO Star Cancel plus X tying 5ore to color picture postcard, VF, $18.00  
126AZQ 1907, 10ore tied by Star Vandel on card to MADAGASCAR, scarce destination, $210.00  
126AZQA 1907, ESPE Star Cancel ties 5ore W/Christmas seal on postcard, VF, $22.00  


1907, Star Cancel BJERGBY on postcard, VF, $22.00

126AZQC 19-- , Star Cancel VEGGERLOSE tying 5ore on postcard, VF, $18.00  

126AZR 1908 Christmas seal + 5ore tied Helsinge on postcard, VF, $30.00  
126AZRA 1908, GLYDENHOLM Star Cancel ting 5ore to picture postcard, VF, $20.00  
126AZS 1909, 5ore envelope + 15ore tied on cover to ALGERIA (bkstp), VF, scarcer destination, $80.00  
126AZT 1909, 5ore + Christmas tied Odense on postcard, VF, $25.00  
126AZTA 1909, RAVNHOLT Star Cancel tying 5ore on picture postcard, bold strike, VF, $24.00  
126AZTN 1910, SELDE Star Cancel tying 5ore to picture postcard, VF, $20.00  
126AZTP 1910, Star Cancel VEJGAARD tying 5ore on postcard of town, VF, $24.00  
126AZU 1911, postcard from Kjobenhavn, Denmark with 5ore on front to South Africa, 1d postage due tied at Johannesburg, VF, $120.00   
126AZV 1911, 3ore + Christmas Seal tied Kjobenhavn on postcard, VF, $25.00  
126AZW 1911, TIDSVILDELEJE Star Cancel tying 5ore to picture postcard, VF, $24.00

126AZY 1911, Star Cancel GJORSLEV on postcard, VF, $22.00
126BA 1912, 3ore + Christmas Seal tied on postcard, VF, $22.00  


1912, Star Cancel HJORTSBALLE tying 5ore to postcard, VF, $22.00

126BF 1913, 5ore + Christmas seal tied on postcard, VF, $22.00
126CA 1914, Star Cancel HERSLEV on 5ore card, VF, $20.00  
126CG 1915, 10ore postal card to SYRIA with transit cancels front and reverse, scarce destination, $100.00  
126CH 1915, GJERUM Star Cancel tying 5ore to picture postcard, VF, $18.00
126CJ (1915) GUDUM Star Cancel tying 5ore to cover, VF, $18.00
126CL 1916, GLOSLUNDE Star Cancel ties 5ore with Christmas Seal on color picture postcard, VF, $22.00
126CS 1919, ASSENS Star Cancel tying 10ore postal sta. cutout to cover, bold strike, $22.00


19th Century, 8ore postal envelope with PERFIN J.M. (J. Moresco) and tied Kjobenhavn, perfins on postal stationery are quite unusual, $100.00

126EJ 1921, 10ore + 5ore on card to Sweden w/scarce Fra Bornholm, $75.00  
126EK 1921, KARLSLUNDE Star Cancel tying 15ore on picture postcard, VF, $18.00  
126EKA 1921, Star Cancel SOBY on postcard, VF, $18.00  
126EL 1922, 25ore Postage Due (#J6) tied on incoming France postcard, VF, $35.00  
126EM 1922, 8ore Ovpt + Christmas seal tied on postcard, VF, $20.00  
126EY 1923, 15ore + Christmas Seal tied on postcard, VF, $18.00  
126EX 1922, 25ore Chr X tied on postcard to TURKEY with arrival cancel on front, VF, $65.00  

1923, Denmark postcard to Stockholm, underfranked and Sweden 10ore added to pay Postage Due, T in circle handstamp, $24.00

126F (1924) DAMSHOLTE Star Cancel tying 15ore on color picture postcard, bold cancel, VF, $24.00  
126FS 1926, 167a,71a,75a (201-12) Complete set in Se-Ten blocks of 4 on photo postcards, Scott for stamps alone $150.00+, $75.00  

1929, 50ore + 1kr high value airmails on regis. express flight cover to London then on S.S. Mauretania to USA, also First Day Cover for these two stamps, cover crease at bottom well away from stamps, Facit cat for stamps alone $595.00++, $275.00

126FZ 1932, Zeppelin 3rd So. America Flight card to Brazil, 15ore + 1kr Airmails tied, all proper markings and cachet, VF, $235.00  
126GD8 Advertising cover, 7+1ore K.K.K.K. Pair, Facit RE31, VF, $27.00  
126GD9 Advertising cover, 7ore + 1ore K.K.K.K., Facit RE31 & 34, Block of 6, $50.00  

Advertising cover, 5ore K.K.K.K., Facit RE32, Block of 6, $55.00


Advertising cover, 5ore + 10ore FAMILY JOURNAL, Facit RE35 & 36, $390.00, $180.00

126GD13 Advertising cover, 5ore GALLE & JESSEN 6-blk + pair and 10ore GALLE & JESSEN pair, Facit Re41-2, registered cover, VF, $85.00  
126GD15 Advertising cover, 5ore GALLE & JESSEN, Block Facit RE44, no backflap, VF, $22.00  

Advertising cover, 10ore 1931 RUNDSKVEDAGEN, Facit RE47 on card to Finland, $75.00

126GD19 Advertising cover, 10ore 1931 RUNDSKVEDAGEN, Facit RE47, $75.00  

Advertising cover, 5ore 1931 RUNDSKVEDAGEN plus others, Facit RE48, $70.00


Advertising cover, 10ore ALFRED BENZON MALTEXTRAKT, Facit RE60, $320.00, $170.00


Advertising cover, 5ore ALFRED BENZON SODAPASTILLER,  Facit RE64, $320.00, $170.00

126H 1936, Denmark Airmails tied on pretty NEPA First flight cover, Horsens to Kobenhavn, pretty and VF, $28.00  
127PT 1941, Multi franked airmail cover to U.S. w/Germany censors reverse, VF, $25.00  


127QB 1942, Forwarded WWII cover with Germany censor tape and cancel, VF, $25.00  

127T 1944, Mute Star DAMSHOLTE multi strikes on cover to U.S., VF, $20.00  


1944, WWII incoming to DENMARK POW postcard w/message reverse, scarce and VF, $40.00  

127V 1946, First flight cover to URUGUAY franked w/airmail stamps, VF, $35.00  

127W 1950's Group of 9 diff TPO's (Traveling Post Office), nice strikes on front or back, VF, $95.00  
127X 1959, Danish UN Force in GAZA, 2 covers w/diff markings, VF, $24.00  
127Y 1967, Danish UN force in CYPRUS, 2 covers w/diff markings, VF, $24.00  

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