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316Y 1824, folded pre-philatelic cover from BREIDABOLSTAD to Copenhagen w/black seal reverse, Gronlund & Beskow certificates, ex. Crafoord, VF, $650.00
316Z 1824, folded cover to Denmark from VIDEYARRE, beautiful condition, Gronlund certificate, rare early Iceland postal history item, $675.00

317 1853, Early Iceland Stampless folded letter fro ORSEYRI to KOLBEINSA, smaller towns and nice condition for this early period, VF, $325.00


1886, 8aur card + 3aur (Scott 15) tied Reykjavik plus boxed SHIP LETTER to Germany, message reverse, scarce ship mail, VF,   $1,200.00

317C 1896, 5aur postal card (F.GA) + 5aur (F.10)  tied REYKJAVIK to GERMANY, arrival cds on front, no message, VF, Facit 5aur on cover 5000kr, $140.00  
317X 1896, 8aur card + 3aur tied Reykjavik to Germany, message reverse, VF, $425.00  
318H 1899, 20aur green blue (Scott #17) tied Eskifjordur to Denmark with Edinburgh (Scotland) transit reverse, VF and scarce, Gronlund certificate, $895.00  

1902, 4aur (Scott 23), two pairs tied Reykjavik on proper rated 16aur cover to Denmark, scarce usage, Facit $1,050.00+, $600.00



1902, 10aur + 6aur (Scott 25,26) tied FRA ISLAND on ship letter to Denmark (bkstp), scarcer franking, $450.00  


1902 Registered cover to Germany via Edinburgh (bkstp) w/1kr + 50aur (Scott #43,44) tied Reykjavik, VF and scarce, $330.00  


1902, Beautiful 3 color I GILDI franking on registered cover to Germany, Edinburgh transit and arrival cancel reverse, VF, $1,100.00


320A 1902, 20aur blue (Scott #28) single franking tied on cover to Germany via Edinburgh, much scarcer, Facit $725.00, $295.00  
320BB 1903, Three color IGILDI registered cover to Germany via London on neat small envelope, also includes regular issues + official issue (Scott 54,66,O23), quite unusual and very attractive, VF, $1,150.00  
320BD 1903, 10aur (Scott 54) single franking tied on card to Belgium, Kaiser certificate, VF, $725.00  
320BQ 1903, 50aur I GILDI (Scott 59) tied Reykjavik on registered cover to Germany, scarce single franking and very attractive cover, Gronlund certificate, $675.00


1902, 20 + 25aur I GILDI’s (Scott 47-8), tied on registered cover to Germany via Edinburgh (bkstp), very attractive and scarce, $525.00

321AF Early postcard showing ponies crossing bridge, addressed but not mailed, VF, $17.00  
321AI Early postcard showing Map of Iceland, nice collateral item, unused, VF, $20.00  
321AJ 1905, 10aur card w/Iceland Numeral cancel #40, to Denmark w/arrival cds on front as well as purple "ISLAND" handstamp, $300.00  
321AK 1905, 4aur Letter Card (Facit #1) + 16aur Chr. IX tied to Netherlands, scarcer franking and VF, $100.00  

321AP 1908, 10aur tied on postcard to Germany with blue courier handstamp, Isafjordur scene reverse, VF, $55.00  
321AS 1909, Multifranked w/Two Kings issue on cover to Germany, attractive and unusual franking, $80.00  
321AT 1909, Beautiful 4-color franking tied on HAPAG postcard to Germany w/very scarce ARDROSSAN transit cancel on front, VF, $270.00  
321AW 1910, 4aur Two Kings tied on card, “Pretty Woman” reverse, VF, $45.00  



1911, French Naval ship "LAVOISIER" cancel in purple on front and reverse of postcard to France, 1 eyr Two Kings tied by Reykjavik cds, quite unusual and scarce,    $295.00


1911, Postcard w/5aur Two Kings franking to U.S. w/Rare Transit METHEL FIFESHIRE, only a few of these recorded, VF, $200.00



1911, 5aur Two Kings pair tied EDINBURGH (Scotland) w/purple Paquebot on ship card to U.S., Bondegaard scene reverse, VF, $80.00

321BJ 1912, Postcard w/1e + 1e pair tied Reykjavik local use, wedding scene reverse, VF, $40.00  
321BM 1912, 20aur Fred VIII tied on cover to Denmark via Edinburgh (bkstp), VF, $85.00  

1912, 20aur Fred VIII (Scott 94) tied Reykjavik to Germany w/ms “Via Leith”, very nice single franking usage, $150.00 


1916, 6aur Two Kings tied on postcard to Denmark, scarcer single franking, ships reverse, $65.00


321BW 1929 postcard with 15aur Chr X tied plus FRA ISLAND ship arrival cancel in Denmark, VF, $60.00  

Iceland Zeiher card w/Chr IX set and map, unused, nice collateral item, VF, $20.00

321CK 1920’s, 20aur Ovpt on 40aur Two Kings tied Isafjordur, VF, $75.00  
322CM 1922, mixed issue Ovpts on cover to England, some light toning spots on cover, unusual franking combination, $195.00  
322CN 1922, Multi franked with 3 diff overprint issues tied Reykjavik to England, very attractive and scarcer, $105.00  
322EB 1924, 50aur + 3aur Chr. X Issue tied Reykjavik on cover to Germany, scarcer and VF, $240.00  
322FD 1925, Beautiful mixed issue franking tied Reykjavik on registered cover to England, Edinburgh arrival reverse, VF, $290.00  
322GC 1926, 20aur Landscape tied on German Hotel “Adlon” fold-out card, unusual and VF, $62.00  
322K 1926 2kr on 25aur tied on registered cover to England, bkstp Edinburgh on arrival in Scotland, VF, rare, Facit $840.00, $495.00  
322PG 1928, 20aur Landscape tied by scarcer Reykjavik SKIP Nr. 1 cancel, VF, $60.00  
322PH 1928, Chr. X franking all tied HULL-YORKS transit w/Paquebot handstamp, nice ship cover, VF, $125.00  
322PJ 1928, Boxed SHIP LETTER and ABERDEEN (Scotland) tie Chr. X stamps on printed matter cover to Denmark, VF, $125.00  
322PK 1928, Stykkisholmur to Reykjavik Flight cover w/10aur Airmail 3-strip tied, VF, $50.00  
322QM 1929, 35aur Buildings tied on PAQUEBOT cover to Canada, VF, $85.00  


1929 multifranked cover to NEW SOUTH WALES via Norway and Austalia, scarce destination and very attractive item, VF, $275.00


322QP 1929, First Airmails (C1,C2) tied on commercial (non-FDC) cover to Pingeyri with Dyrafjordur bkstp, VF, Facit $495.00, $190.00  

322SN 1930, Regis cover to Germany franked w/scarcer Airmail stamps (C3,5-7) Scott $370.00++, $150.00  
322SQ 1930, Multi franked cover to Austria, nice franking combination, VF, $105.00  

1930, 35aur Landscape tied by Edinburgh (Scotland) cancel on ship cover to U.S., posted at sea w/Paquebot handstamp, VF, $85.00

322SX 1930, Multi franked Chr. X cover to ITALY (scarcer destination) tied Reykjavik w/Paquebot cancel, VF, $150.00  

1931,30aur/5aur ovpt + 5aur tied on neat cover to U.S., unusual franking, $110.00


1931, Complete Zeppelin Ovpt set (Scott #C9-11) on Zeppelin Flight card and cover, all proper markings and VF, $335.00


1931, Zepplin Iceland Flight cover w/proper cachet and franked w/2kr Zepp. Ovpt., VF, $240.00

322TG Iceland Numeral Cancel (# unclear but ends in zero) ties 50aur Fish on cover to Porshafn, $75.00  
322TH Iceland Numeral Cancel (# unclear) ties 1kr to local cover, VF, $75.00  
322TJ 1932, 20aur Waterfalls tied by Bergen (Norway) roller cancel w/purple Paquebot on ship cover to England, VF, $75.00  
322TK 1932, Ship cover to Scotland w/10aur tied by German ship cancel, VF, $130.00  
322TL 1932, Waterfalls high values tied on inland registered cover, scarcer and VF, Facit $240.00+, $115.00  
322TQ 1933, 10aur Chr. X tied Edinburgh (Scotland) transit w/Paquebot handstamp on ship cover to Denmark, $80.00
322VC 1928, 15aur tied Reykjavik w/boxed SKIPSBRIEF, VF, $40.00  
322WD 1935, 40aur Chr. X single franking tied Reykjavik, VF, $65.00  

1935 Interesting mixed franking on air Regis cover to U.S. via Edinburgh (bkst), VF, $105.00

322WF 1935, Multi franked incl. 50aur airmail tied on registered cover to U.S. via Edinburgh, $60.00  
322WG 1935, 195-8 (212-15) Jochumsson set on registered FDC, VF, Facit $450.00, $240.00  
322WH 1935, Waterfalls stamps tied Edinburgh (Scotland) and Paquebot on neat ship cover to U.S., $80.00  
322WHC 1936, Ship Letter posted on board w/GB stamps and transferred to Reykjavik where cancelled + boxed Skipsbrief and Mail Transport label, pretty and VF cover, $50.00  
322WJ 1937, 50aur Airmail pair tied on registered reimbursement cover to Sweden (bkstp), enclosure included, VF, Facit $750.00, $325.00  
322WK 1937, Printed Matter advertising card w/7aur tied Reykjavik, uncommon, VF, $75.00  
322WM 1937, Air registered cover to Denmark with single franking Scott C2, quite scarce usage, Facit $480.00, $220.00  
322WNA 1937, 199-201, Complete set in Blocks of 4 on registered FDC, VF, $250.00  

322WP 1938, 50aur Airmail, single franked cover to Sweden, Official Post Office seal reverse, insignificant cover fold at bottom, VF, Facit $480.00, $195.00  
322XB 1939, Fish Issue (206, 217-20, 228) on FDC, VF, Facit $180.00, $90.00  
322YF 1940’s Numeral Cancel #206 (Baeir) in purple ties 25aur Fish pair on local cover, $160.00  
322YG 1940, World's Fair Ovpt set (232-5) FDC, VF, Facit $600.00, $350.00  
322YGA 1940, World’s Fair 1940 Ovpt set (Scott 232-5, Facit 256-9) FDC, sent to Scotland, VF, Facit $600.00, $290.00  
322YH 1940, 207, 221, 224 (231,245,248) Fish & Geysir on registered FDC, VF, Facit $360.00, $205.00  
322YM 1941, 236 (217) 25a on 3a Jochumsson, Block of 4, FDC, VF, scarce, Facit $540.00+, $290.00  

1941, Real Photo postcard of Reykjavik w/stamps tied, unused, VF, $20.00

322YMD 1941, Patriotic U.S. Marines Iceland Provisional cancel on pretty cover to U.S., VF, $24.00  
322YN 1941, Sturluson set (237-9) FDC, VF, $40.00  
322YNZ 1942-3, 4 diff British RAF and FPO censored covers from Iceland, VF, Facit 1200kr, $79.00  

1942, Censored cover to PORTUGAL blue air labels and scarce purple O.A.T. handstamp on front, VF, commercial usage, $275.00


1942, APO612 (Akureyri) on censored cover to U.S. w/6˘ airmail tied, scarce APO, VF, Facit $180.00, $80.00

322YPB 1942, Censored cover to Portugal w/scarce purple O.A.T. handstamp, VF, $275.00  
322YPC 1942, NOBI Navy Dept cover to U.S., cancel in blue, scarcer cover, Facit $260.00, $110.00  
322YPH 1943, scarce O.A.T. (in purple) cover Reykjavik to Europe w/British censor, scarcer airmail and regular issue franking, VF, $240.00  
322YPJ 1943, Censored APO 860 cover to CURACAO (bkstp) and purple censor, ulti franked, nice item, VF, $90.00  
322YPK 1943 Navy Forces in Iceland WWII, 28th Construction Battalion, censored cover to U.S., VF, scarcer, Facit 1200kr, $49.00  
322YPL 1943, APO 612 (Akureyri) on censored cover to U.S., scarcer, Facit $180.00, $65.00  
322YRA 1944, APO 610 V-MAIL w/orig envelope, VF, Facit 1600kr, $75.00  
322YRB 1944, APO 860 V-MAIL w/orig envelope, VF, Facit 1600kr, $75.00  
322YRC 1944 25 on 3aur ovpt (#236) tied on censored postcard to U.S., VF, Facit $110.00+, $50.00  
322YRD 1944, Sigurdsson set (240-5) Complete on FDC, VF, Scott as singles $114.00, $80.00  
322YRE 1944, Semi-Postal Charity Stamp set (B1-4) tied Thingsvellir on cover to Akureyri, VF, Facit $195.00, $95.00  

322YRF 240-5, Complete set on registered censored FDC, scarcer and VF, Scott for stamps only $116.50, $69.00  
322YSB 1945, Viking/Geysir/Fish (208B,222,225,231) all on proper FDC, unaddressed and VF, Facit $280.00, $155.00  
322YSD 1945, Semi-Postal set tied on censored airmail cover to U.S., scarcer and VF, $125.00  
322YSE 1945, 50aur Airmail, single franking tied on local cover, VF, $55.00  

1947, First Flight U.S. – Stockholm VIA ICELAND, proper cachet with transit cancels reverse, VF, $25.00

322YTA 1947 Numeral Cancel #135 (Assgardur) ties 1kr on cover, VF, $140.00  
322YTB 1947, Semi Postals (x5) + 50aur Fish tied on Airmail cover to U.S., semi-postals much scarcer usage, VF, Facit 1300kr, $65.00  
322YUF 1948, Multi-franked Fish stamp (5 diff values) tied Reykjavik on card to Canada, VF, $29.00  
322YUM 1949, Multi – franked cover (Geysir & Fish) to U.S. with Pointed hand return-to-sender Christmas Seal reverse, VF, $75.00  
322YUQ 1949, Canada 4¢ tied Reykjavik on arrival in Iceland with boxed “Adkomid” applied on arrival – see attahed note, VF, $75.00  
322YV 1950, 4 diff Fish Issue values tied by Danish FRA ISLAND on VF small cover, $45.00  
322YVA 1950, Geysir stamps all tied by boxed FRA ISLAND w/boxed PAQUEBOT and Thorshavn (Faroe Island) side cancel on card addressed reverse to New York, VF, $65.00  
322YXA 1952, 25kr Parliament (273) FDC, VF, Facit $145.00, $85.00  
322YXB 1952, Numeral Cancel #27 (Stafafell) ties 2.20kr, late use on cover, VF, $35.00  
322YY 1952, FDC, Bjornsson set (Scott 274-7), VF, Facit $42.00, $24.00  

1952, unusual EXPRES Mail cover to U.S. w/multi Fish franking, VF, $75.00


1954, 2.45kr Hafstein (Scott 285) SINGLE USE on cover to U.S., quite elusive and scarce, Facit $135.00, $70.00


322ZAC 1954, APO 81 cover to U.S. w/U.S. franking, VF, $25.00  
322ZAD 1954, Ship cover from Norway, via Iceland to Sweden with scarce boxed FRA NOREGI (4) applied on arrival in Reykjavik, VF, $75.00  
322ZAZ 1957, 175aur Aerogram (Facit #5) with added postage to U.S., typed letter, nice commercial usage, Facit $130.00++, $75.00  
322ZC 1957, 25kr (305), FDC, VF, Facit $110.00, $60.00  

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