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361D 1857, Norway to Holland stampless letter, blue Christianssund and all proper transits, VF, $60.00  


1876, 1sk green (Scott 16) tied Christiania, scarcer printed matter rate, VF, $165.00


1877, Official MONEY LETTER from Christiania Post Office, wax seals reverse, $65.00

362BL 1880’s, U.S. 3¢ Banknote tied by early NORWAY NY cancel, VF, neat item, $25.00  

362BN 1882, RMS, Return-To-Sender stamp postally cancelled on 3sk postal envelope that was RETURNED (RETOUR) to Post Office…inscription reverse states “moved, not known where”, neat story as addresses of both sender and addressee unknown, VF and scarce Exhibit Item, $725.00  
362BV (1880’s) Military Card in black, unused, VF, $20.00  

1885, Military card in blue, tied Bergen, $30.00

362BX (1880’s) Military Double card, unused, VF, $30.00  

1886, Military Double card USED BOTH WAYS, reinforced attachment, tied by Vikisogn cancel and Bergen on return, quite scarce, $80.00

362BZ 1888, Military card tied Bergen to Havanger, VF, $30.00

1896, 5ore, perf 13½ x 12½, (Scott #50), tied on local cover, when is last time you saw a GREEN envelope like this?, striking, $24.00


364A 1903, Money Letter with 10ore + 35ore tied, arrival and wax seals reverse, VF, $95.00  

364DL 1905, 5ore SPITSBERGEN + 10ore tied Digermulen on card w/Hardenger scene reverse, VF, $175.00  

364DN 1905, 2¢ U.S. Envelope with Norway Postage Dues (64ore) tied reverse, $85.00  

1906, 5¢ blue (#304) tied Honokaa HAWAII to NORWAY, Honolulu & Christiania transit cancels reverse, VF and scarcer destination, $425.00

364M Colorful NORDCAP scene on unused Mittet & Co. postcard, VF, $35.00  

Colorful NORDCAP postcard, unused, VF, $35.00


364MD Gorgeous NORDCAP card, unused, VF, $45.00  

364MT 1907, One Penny Reply Card sent from Christiania Norway back to England, VF, $25.00  
364NA 1913, 1915, Two unused 5ore postal cards w/HAND DRAWN scenes in pencil, very well executed, VF, $50.00  


364QB 1918, FRAM card "Ship & Dog" reverse, better franking incl. #59, VF, $75.00  


364QC 1918, FRAM card , “Polar Bear on Ice” reverse, VF, $95.00  

364QF 1918, FRAM card , “Ship & Polar Bear” reverse, VF, $85.00  


364QG 1918, FRAM card “Ferslewske” type, “Ship in Ice” reverse, VF, $95.00  

364QH 1918, All Four diff FRAM card scenes and all postally used, quite nice, scarce and VF, $325.00  

364R 1923, Official cover unfranked with 20ore pair Postage Dues tied reverse, vertical file fold in center, $45.00  

364RA 1923, Incoming cover from U.S. w/10ore + 15ore Postage dues tied reverse, $49.00  
364V 1931, Great Britain & U.S. Mixed franking on Wilkins-Ellsworth Arctic Submarine Expedition to North Pole, VF, $85.00  
365AC 1934 Christmas seal + 20ore tied Vesbanea on postcard, VF, $24.00  
365AT 1938, Cute cover w/30ore + Norway Red Cross stamp tied by machine cancel to Germany, VF, $37.00  
365AX 1939, First Flight Oslo-Amsterdam, VF, $30.00  
365AY 1939, First Flight Bergen-Oslo, VF, $25.00  
365AZ 1939, First Flight cover Oslo-Bergen, proper cancels and cachet, VF, $24.00  
365CV 1941, Air, Censored, Express cover to Denmark (bkstp), w/multi V-Ovpts franking, rough opening at top but very scarce franking, $175.00  

365CW 1941, Censored German cover to Sweden w/Norway Legion label tied on reverse, scarce and VF, $150.00  
365DD 1943, Norway P.O.W. In Germany cover (Stalag XXIA), VF, $30.00  

1946, Multi franked cover to BRAZIL w/large red cancels, VF, $25.00


365EA 1947, Parcel Card multi- franked to U.S. with Postage Due Label "Collect 15¢ on reverse, interesting, $35.00  

365EB 1947, Parcel Card multi-franked to U.S., $18.00  
365EG 1950, D/S “FAEMUND II” Crown & Posthorn cancels (3) on ship cover to U.S., VF, $35.00  
365ER 1951, First Polar Airmail card Oslo-Fairbanks (Alaska) backstamped, VF, $24.00  
365ET 1953, Crown & Posthorn ship cancel D/S BOROYSUND on VF cover, $35.00  
365EU 1953, Round Trip Flight card Oslo-Thule-Tokyo-Oslo, all proper markings, VF, $25.00  
365EV 1953, Special flight card Oslo-Thule-Tokyo, all proper cachets and cancels, VF, $25.00  
365FM 1964 Lottery Stamp valid for postage for 2 months, tied to cover, VF, Facit $80.00, $38.00  
365G 1967, Tobacco Advertising cover franked w/meter & Red Cross seal, VF, $25.00  



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