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1829, ST. BARTHELMY (Swedish West Indies) to Middletown, CT, beautiful and scarce folded letter w/red Ship and Baltimore, MD. Transit strikes on front, $1,300.00

410 Stampless cover collection, 18 different, 1830’s – 50’s, including straight line, circular and boxed cancels with better Eskilstuna and Thorshalla, VF, $270.00 Click here for more photos  

410P 1859, 108ore rated cover to England via Germany, 24ore x2 + 30ore x2 (Scott 10,11) tied Stockholm + various transits, scarce, Facit $1,210.00, $575.00  
410W 1874, Folded Letter with 3ore x 4 (#17) tied Stockholm to Upsala, VF, $125.00  

410Y 1874, 24ore single franking tied Goteborg on cover to Germany, VF, $100.00  

1876, 23a (22f) 20ore PALE ORANGE shade tied on beautiful cover to London, VF, great item, $800.00

411AD 1877, 3ore (Sc. #17) x 4 tied Stockholm on folded letter to Malmo (bkstp), $50.00  

411ADA 1879, Immigrant Mail turned cover made from previously received cover, franked w/30ore, 5ore+3ore = 380 registered rate, rough opening at left, five red wax seals and purple registry stamp reverse, $350.00  

411ADJ 1881, Postcard to GERMANY w/unusual 6+3ore franking, VF, $90.00  

411ADL 1883, Insured cover with 54ore franking (30+12x2), scarce and VF, $180.00  

411ADM 1884, 30ore + 12ore double rated registered cover, local use, wax seals reverse, $50.00  

411AE 1885, Sweden Postage Dues on Germany parcel card from Giessen to Upsala, very pretty multiple franking, VF, $225.00  
411AF U.S. 1886 2 (x4) tied on cover to Sweden w/3 diff vals Postage Dues, applied on arrival (total 14ore), nice item opened for exhibit, $230.00  

411AJ 1890, Multi-franked regis. Cover to Germany, pretty and VF, $140.00  

411AK 1890, 10/12ore x3 (#50) tied on registered cover to Upsala, VF, $125.00  
411AL 1890, 10/12ore (#50) single franking tied Lund on cover, VF, $35.00  

411AM 1888 20ore single franking tied by railroad cancel to RUSSIA, VF, $65.00  
411AN 1888, Mixed issue Double rate franking to AUSTRIA, unusual, VF, $200.00  

1892, 5ore card + 5ore to U.S., pricelist of Sweden stamps, reverse in longhand from dealer, VF, interesting, $50.00



1892, Multifranked 5ore postal card to Bombay INDIA with rare SEA POST OFFICE strike on front, neat item, $575.00

411D 1892, 30ore Ringtype tied on registered cover to Stockholm, VF, $40.00  

411M 1908, 10ore message card to ICELAND (bkstp) via Denmark, VF, $25.00  

411R 1914, Incoming Great Britain cover with 24ore Postage Due (regular issue) tied, quite nice, VF, $65.00  

411W 1915, Chicago to SWEDEN cover franked w/#403, arrival bkstp reverse, nice item, $125.00  
411Y 1916, Complete semi-postal set (B11-21) on registered cover with Stockholm cancel, quite scarce and a great exhibit piece, Scott $996.00 for stamps alone and on cover approx 2x, VF, $675.00  
412C 1922, 70ore single franking tied on registered cover to Germany (bkstp), Facit $112.00, $45.00  

1918, 1.98kr Ovpt tied by Paket cancel on cover to RUSSIA, very scarce usage, 1.98ore was the address card rate for accompanying parcels to Russia, Facit $4,000.00, $1,950.00

413Z 1923, Early postcard to CHINA (bkstp), VF, $52.00  
414 1924, First Night Flight to Berlin, 50ore tied on deep red envelope, nice item, $100.00  
414F 1928, Complete Gustav set on 2 overnight flight covers, $25.00  

415A 1936 Hindenburg North America flight, proper handstamp and cachet, VF, $170.00
415B 1936, 15ore brown (Sc. 169) FDC via Kugleposten registered, proper cancels + added postage, VF, Facit $80.00, $40.00

415C 1936, Air/regis cover to ARGENTINA w/high val franking – 5kr x2 + 50ore + 20ore, scarcer and VF, $250.00
415KB 1945, Sweden Locals, 4ore Linkopings pair tied on pretty cover, VF, $25.00
415KC 1945 Sweden Locals, BORAS, 8ore tied on FDC, VF, $10.00
415KD 1945 Sweden Locals, BORAS, 4ore, 8ore, 15ore tied on FDC, VF, $15.00
415KE 1945 Sweden Locals, CENTRALA, 4ore + 8ore + 12ore tied on FDC, VF, $15.00
415KF 1945 Sweden Locals, JONKOPING, 8ore block of 4 tied on FDC, VF, $10.00

1945 Sweden Locals, MOTALA, 4ore + 8ore tied on FDC, VF, $15.00

415KH 1945 Sweden Locals, NORRKOPINGS, 4ore pair + 8ore tied on FDC, VF, $10.00
415KJ 1945, Multi-Locals tied on cover, signed Pollak, VF, $25.00
415KL 1945 Sweden Locals, SODERTALJE 4ore + 8ore tied on FDC, VF, $12.00

1945 Sweden Locals, STOCKHOLM, 4ore, 7ore & 10ore tied on FDC, VF, $18.00


415KP 1948, Sweden BALLOON – POST Official card to Denmark, VF, $24.00

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