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O1 (Tj1), 4sk green Official, fresh og, hinged, off-center as always, Pollak certificate, one of Iceland's rarest stamps and missing in most collections, Scott $8,500.00, $4,750.00



O1(Tj1), 4sk Official, used w/Reykjavik cancel (Type A), Nielsen certificate states “genuine and without repairs, some missing perfs and thin spot on back”, very RARE stamp missing in almost all collections, Scott $8,500.00, $2,100.00  
285D O1 (Tj1) 4sk green Official, used, Pollak certificate states “genuine postally used, small faults, centering and appearance far above average”, Scott $8,500.00, $2,700.00
286 O2 (Tj2) 8sk Official, used with beautiful Reykjavik cancel, VF, Gronlund certificate, Scott $700.00, $425.00


O3v (Tj3v1), 4sk Official, unused, no gum, INVERTED WATERMARK, VF, Facit retail $145.00, $60.00; same with perf thin $25.00

288BX O4 (Tj4) 3aur yellow, Block of 4, og, NH, VF, scarce multiple, Facit $675.00, $395.00  
288BY O4 (Tj4) 3aur yellow, og, NH, VF, Facit $145.00, $85.00  
288BZ O4 (Tj4) 3aur yellow, og, LH, VF, Scott $45.00, $25.00  
288BZA O4 (Tj4) 3aur yellow, used, VF, Scott $60.00, $33.00  
289BB O6a (Tj6a) 10aur ultramarine shade, og, LH, F/VF, Scott $475.00, $185.00  
289BC O6a (Tj6a) 10aur ultramarine shade, unused no gum, VF, Scott $475.00, $145.00  
289BD O6a (Tj6a) 10aur scarce ultramarine shade, og, hinged, few blunted perfs otherwise VF, Scott $475.00, $95.00  
289BDA O6a (Tj6a) 10aur ultramarine, used, VF, Scott $85.00, $45.00  
289BN O7 (Tj7) 16aur carmine, og, NH, XF, $100.00  
289BQ O7 (Tj7) 16aur carmine, used, VF, Scott $60.00, $33.00  
289BZ O8 (Tj8) 20aur yellow green, used, VF, Scott $50.00, $28.00  
289C O8 (Tj8) 20aur yellow green, used w/SON AKUYRYRI town cancel, VF, $45.00  
289E O9 (Tj9) 50aur rose lilac, og, NH, VF, Scott $290.00, $145.00
289G O9 (Tj9) 50aur rose lilac, used, VF, Scott $115.00, $64.00
289LF O10-12 , Complete Official set, og, NH, VF, Scott $360.00, $180.00  
289V O11 (Tj11) 4aur gray, og, NH, VF, Scott $105.00, $60.00  
289X O11 (Tj11) 4aur gray, used, XF, Scott $50.00, $30.00  
289Y O12 (Tj13) 10aur blue, p. 13, og, NH, F/VF, Facit $205.00, $120.00  
290AC O13-19 (Tj26-32). Complete set of Officials, og, NH, VF, Scott $200.00, $130.00  
290AD O13-19 (Tj26-32) Complete Official set, og, hinged, VF, Scott $55.00, $30.00  
290AE O13-19 (Tj26-32) Complete Official set, used, VF, Scott $56.50, $31.00  

O15 (Tj28) 5aur Chr IX Official Complete sheet of 100, og, NH, VF, Facit $1,350.00, $425.00


O17 (Tj30) 16aur Chr. IX, Complete sheet of 100, og, NH, some perf sep center row, VF, Facit $1,800.00, $575.00

290X O21b (Tj21bv1) 3aur yellow, Inverted Ovpt, og, NH, VF, Facit $80.00, $44.00  
290Y O21b (Tj21bv1) 3aur yellow, Block of 4 w/Inverted Ovpt, og, NH, VF, Facit $320.00+, $170.00  




O19 (Tj32) 50aur Chr. IX Official, Complete sheet of 100, og, NH, VF, Facit $2,250.00, $725.00  
291 O20v (Tj21a) 3aur brown orange, 1st printing, og, NH, margin block of 4, Gronlund certificate, Facit for singles $2,880.00, $1,575.00
291D O20bv (Tj21av1), 3aur brown-orange, used pair w/INVERTED OVPT, VF, ex Swanson, a rare Exhibition multiple, Facit $1,325.00, Svendsen certificate, $775.00  
291F O20bv (Tj21av1) 3aur brown orange I GILDI, INVERTED OVPT, og, VLH, Facit $540.00, $295.00  
292J O22, 5aur I GILDI, Plate II, Sheet of 100, NH, signed Pollak, Scott as singles $200.00, $70.00  

O23 (Tj24v9) 10aur Official I GILDI, Complete sheet of 100 with INVERTED WMK, rare, og, NH, VF, Facit $6,375.00, $1,895.00

292L O23e (Tj24v3) 10aur 3-strip with center stamp “L” only Ovpt, og, NH, VF, Scott $124.00+, $85.00

O24(Tj25), 20aur I GILDI Official, used Strip of 5 with Grenjadstadur town cancel, nice for exhibit, $100.00



O25 (Tj15) 3aur IGILDI, Block of 4, og, LH, VF, Pollak certificate, Scott as singles $1,300.00++, $795.00  
298 O26,28-30, 4 diff I GILDI values, all og, NH, VF, Scott $147.00, $80.00  

O27 (Tj17) 10aur   I GILDI, p. 14 x 13 ˝  Margin Block of 4, og, NH, VF/XF, quite scarce, Facit as singles $3,700.00, $2,200.00

299AE O27 (Tj17) 10aur I GILDI PAIR, og, NH, VF, Pollak certificate, Facit $1,920.00+, $1,150.00  

O27 (Tj17) 10ore I GILDI p. 14 x 13 ˝ , og, NH, F/VF, Nielsen certificate, Facit $960.00, $540.00

299AN O27 (Tj17), 10aur I GILDI p.14x13˝, fine and scarce property used, Nielsen certificate, Scott $750.00, $395.00  
299AQ O27b (Tj17v1) 10aur INVERTED I GILDI OVPT, og, hinged, VF, Scott $825.00, $490.00

O28(Tj18), 16aur carmine, used VF, Scott $75.00, $42.00

299GS O30a (Tj20v1) 5aur Missing I in I GILDI Ovpt, og, NH, VF, Scott $110.00, $65.00  
300HT O31/38, Two Kings Officials with SPECIMEN Ovpts on piece from natal Post Office on receipt from U.P.U., B.P.A. Certificate, VF and scarce, $1,250.00  
300HV O31-9 (Tj33-4) Complete Two Kings Official set incl 15aur p. 14 x 14 ½, og, NH, VF/XF, Scott $280.00+, $175.00  
300HVM O31-8 (Tj33-40) Complete Two Kings set, og, LH, VF, Scott $60.50, $33.00  
300HW O31-9 (Tj33-41) Complete set including the 15aur p.14, used, VF, Scott $115.00, $64.00  
300JA O38, 50aur Official, Block of 12, used w/Reykjavik town cancel, nice multiple, Scott as singles $132.00+, $68.00  
301L O45 (Tj48) 20aur Chr. X, og, NH, VF, Scott $200.00, $110.00  
301LA O40-9 (Tj42/52) Complete Chr X Official set, og, NH, VF/XF, Scott $875.00, $525.00  
301LB O40-9 (Tj42/52) Complete Chr. X set, og, NH, VF, Facit $875.00, $495.00  
301LBA O40-9 (Tj42-52) Complete Chr. X set, og, LH, VF, Scott $218.15, $115.00  
301LC O40-9(Tj42-52), Complete Official set incl. both types of the 20aur, all in used Blocks of 4, scarce in multiples, VF, $240.00  
301LD O40-9(Tj42-52) Complete set, used, VF, Scott $97.90, $54.00  

301M O45 (Tj48) 20aur Chr. X, og, LH, VF, Scott $50.00, $28.00  
301P O47 (Tj50) 1kr Chr. X, og, NH, VF, scott $180.00, $95.00  
301Q O48-9 (Tj51-2) 2kr and 5kr Chr. X margin singles, high values in set, og, NH, VF, Scott $137.00, $89.00  
301Z O50-1, O50a, Pjonusta Ovpts, incl. 2Kr with and without period, og, LH, 5kr with natural paper inclusion, VF, Scott $360.00, $140.00  


O50,O50a,O51 (Tj53I & II,54), 2kr both types & 5kr Pjonusta Ovpts, all properly used and very difficult stamps, VF, Scott $380.00, available singly but special for all, $215.00
302BC O50(Tj53) 2kr Pjonusta, Block of 6, used, quite scarce multiple and a great exhibit piece, VF, $200.00  
302BE O50a (Tj53I) 2kr, Pjonusta in small type with period, og, LH, VF, Scott $95.00, $53.00  
302BF O50v(Tj53v2) 2kr Pjunsta, Misplaced Ovpt Variety – “a” in left margin, used, VF, $150.00  
304ZL O51 (Tj54) 5kr Pjonusta Ovpt, og, NH, VF, Facit $600.00, $290.00  
304ZP O51 (Tj54) 5kr Pjonusta Ovpt, og, hinged, VF, Scott $240.00, $125.00  
304ZR O51v (Tj54) 5kr Pjonusta, og, XLH, INVERTED WMK unrecorded in Facit, Facit $320.00+, $200.00  
304ZS O51 (Tj54) 5kr Pjonusta, used, VF, Scott $260.00, $140.00  
305A O52 (Tj55) 20/10aur, og, VLH, VF, Scott $30.00, $16.00  


O53-62 (Tj59-68) 3a-40a Parliament Officials, Complete low values in set, all og, NH, VF, Facit $250.00, $130.00  


O53-62 (Tj59-68) 3a-40a Parliament Officials, Complete set of low values, used, VF, Scott $450.00, $235.00  


O53-67 (Tj59-73) Parliament Official set complete, og, NH, VF, Facit $2,250.00, $1,350.00  


O53-67 (Tj59-73) Parliament Official set complete, og, hinged, VF, Scott $885.00, $495.00  


O53-67 (Tj59-73), Parliament Official Set complete, used with proper cancels and very scarce, Scott retail $2,250.00+, $1,295.00
306J O56 (Tj62v), 10ore Official, Pair w/”No Dot Over J” variety on both stamps, og, hinged, Facit $61.00, $39.00  
306JA O56v (Tj62v) 10aur, og, LH, NO DOT OVER J variety, VF, Fadcit $31.00, $19.00  
307A O63-7 (Tj69-73) 50aur-10kr, set of hi vals, og, hinged, VF, Scott $735.00, $365.00  
308M O64 (Tj70) 1kr Official, used, VF, Scott $350.00, $195.00  
308P O65 (Tj71) 2kr Official, og, NH, F/VF, Scott $435.00, $210.00
308Z O66 (Tj72) 4kr orange Official, og, NH, VF, Scott $350.00, $190.00


O66 (Tj72), 5kr orange Official, og, NH, Fine, Facit $420.00, $180.00
309A O66, 5kr Official, og, hinged, VF, Scott $140.00, $79.00  
309C O66, 5kr Official, used w/light cancel, VF, Facit $420.00, $240.00  
309K O67 (Tj73) 10kr Official, og, NH, VF, Scott $350.00, $195.00  
309L O67 (Tj73) 10kr Official, og, LH, VF, Scott $140.00, $79.00  
309P O68 (Tj48) 20aur green & gray, og, LH, VF, Scott $45.00, $23.00  
310BC O69-71(Tj56-8), Official Ovpts in used Blocks of 4, quite scarce used and multiples, $150.00  
311P 1905, KARITAS, Falcon Christmas Seal, og, NH, VF, $100.00; same hinged, $65.00  
311PA 1905 & 1911 Falcon Christmas Seals, NH and LH respectively, both VF and scarce, $135.00  
311PB 1905 Falcon Christmas stamp in Block of 4, og, NH except tiny thin LR stamp, VF, $240.00  
311PD 1905 Falcon Christmas Seal with postal cancel and thus quite unusual as most of these are found mint or used without gum, VF, $95.00  
311Q 1911, Falcon Christmas Seal Strip of 4, unused no gum, singles are scarce but multiples rarely seen, VF, $125.00


1920, Christmas Seals Tete Beche Pair, NH, VF, scarce, $40.00

312B 1933, official iceland Airmail label sheet of 4 issued for use only on the Hopflug Itala flight by the Italian Squadron, NH and VF, very scarce $125.00  

1948, Iceland Olympic stamp, og, NH, VF, $9.50

312KA 1948, Iceland Olympic stamp, Block of 4, og, NH, VF, $27.00  

1948, Iceland Olympic Sheet of 100, og, NH, VF, $225.00

312L 1973, Iceland 50-mile Offshore Fishing Rights Treaty w/U.K., Complete sheet, imperforate, NH, very few printed, VF, $195.00


Iceland Official Post Office Seal, NH pair, printed by Thomas de la Rue & Co. probably in the 1940's, $25.00; same block of 4, $40.00

312X 1991, 1993-4, Complete Duck Stamp Sheets of 8, NH, VF, $150.00


1992, Duck Stamp with MISSING VALUE ERROR, og, NH, normal stamp included, XF, $38.00
313A 1992, Complete Duck Stamp sheet of 8 w/MISSING VALUE ERROR, NH, VF, $195.00  

1993-4, 400kr Duck Stamp Plate No. Blocks of 4, og, NH, VF, $80.00



SPARIMERKI Savings stamp, pair, 50aur Horse, VF, $29.00

313DF SPARIMERKI set 25aur - 5kr, unused, VF, $100.00  
313FA SPARIMERKI Savings Stamp, 500kr Gray (#10), og, NH, $30.00  
313FB SPARIMERKI Savings Stamp, 5000kr Gray (#11), og, NH, $95.00  
313FC SPARIMERKI Savings Stamp, 500kr w/red ovpt, unlisted, og, NH, $110.00  
313FD SPARIMERKI Savings Stamp, 1kr Bull & 1kr dog, unlisted, og, NH, $65.00  
314A ORLOF OVPTS on 10aur & 20aur Fish, Blocks of 4, og, NH, VF, $160.00  

1939, 10aur Greidslumerki Revenue stamps, complete unfolded mint sheet of 100, Icelandic printing, partial sheet shown, $150.00

314LA 1939,10aur Greidslumerki Revenue Block of 6, og, NH, VF, $22.00  
314M 1939, 10aur GREIDSLUMERKI Revenue stamps, og, NH, Block of 8 IMPERF VERTICALLY BETWEEN center pairs, VF, scarce error, $160.00  
314MA 1939, 10aur GREIDSLUMERKI Revenue stamps, og, NH, Strip of 4 IMPERF VERTICALLY BETWEEN pair, VF, scarce error, $85.00  
315B GREIDSLUMERKI Ovpt on 65aur & 75aur Waterfalls, both used, VF, $25.00  

316A 1923, Complete STIMPELMERKE (Revenue) document w/50aur, 1kr, 5kr tied, VF, $40.00  

1kr Akureyri Photo Essay pair, NH, privately made Cinderella, VF, $45.00


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