H1 to H328  1904 to 1980
Net Price List

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(H3) Scott 56e, Pris 1kr. 50ore Booklet, VF, Facit $790.00, $495.00

BS6 (H9) Scott 78a, 7ore Gustav V booklet, panes normal, VF, $30.00  
BS7 (H9) Scott 78a, 7ore Gustav V booklet, panes inverted, VF, $30.00  
BS8 (H10) Scott 81a, 12ore Gustav booklet, VF, $27.00  
BS17 H15B (Scott 127) 10ore Lion, Complete Booklet, VF, Facit $690.00, $395.00  

(H18) type I Scott 128a,v 10ore Lion, Complete Booklet, VF, scarce, Facit $430.00, $275.00

BS20 (H18) type II Scott 128a 10ore Lion, Complete Booklet, VF, Scott $360.00+, $235.00  
BS27 (H21) Scott B32a-4a, Complete Gustav Semi-postal Booklet, VF, Facit $415.00, $275.00  
BS29 (H25) type II Scott 236a 5ore Complete Booklet, VF, Scott $120.00+, $80.00  
BS31 (H28) Scott 241a 15ore Riksdagen, Complete Booklet, VF, Scott $250.00+, $160.00  

(H29) Scott 248a, 5ore Post Office Anniv. Booklet, VF, Facit $100.00, $60.00

BS38 (H30) Scott 249a, 10 ore Post Office Anniv. Booklet, VF, Facit $132.00, $85.00  
BS41 (H32A) Scott 192a 15ore Gustav, Complete Booklet, VF, Scott $350.00+, $230.00  
BS42 (H32B) Scott 192a, 15ore Gustav Booklet with SJ on back cover, VF, Facit $720.00, $340.00  
BS44 (H33CB) Scott 264b/a, 10 ore Swedenborg Booklet with stamps Perf on 3 sides, VF, Facit $210.00, $130.00  
BS45 (H33BC) Scott 264a/b, 10ore Swedenborg booklet w/stamps perf 3 sides in one row, VF, $130.00  
BS46 (H33CC) Scott 264b, 10ore Swedenborg Booklet with stamps Perf. on 4 sides, VF, Facit $100.00, $60.00  
BS47 (H34) Scott 273b, 5 ore New Sweden Booklet with stamps Perf. on 4 sides, VF, Facit $110.00, $70.00  
BS48 H34CB (Scott 273,a) 5ore New Sweden booklet with stamps perf 4 + 3 sides, VF, and scarcer, Facit $300.00, $165.00  
BS49 (H35) Scott 274b, 15ore New Sweden booklet, VF, Facit $205.00, $100.00  
BS50 (H35BC) Scott 274b/a, 15 ore New Sweden Booklet with stamps Perf. on 3 sides, VF, Facit $595.00, $395.00  
BS51 (H36) Scott 278b, 5ore Gustav booklet, Facit $160.00, $70.00  

(H37CC) Complete Gustav Booklet, VF, Scott $190.00, $100.00


(H37BC) Scott 279a/b, 15ore Gustav perf 4+3 sides Booklet, VF, Facit $1,155.00, $695.00

BS55 (H38) Scott 292b, 5ore Ling booklet, VF, Facit $135.00, $65.00  
BS56F (H38CB) Scott 292b p. 4 sides x 3 sides, 5ore Ling, Complete Booklet, VF, Facit $460.00, $265.00  
BS57 H38BC (Scott 292b) 5ore Ling, p. 3+4 sides, complete booklet, scarcer and VF, Facit $480.00, $265.00  
BS60 H39 (Scott 289b) 10ore Gustaf, complete booklet, VF, Facit $120.00, $69.00  
BS62 H42 (Scott 300a) 10ore Gustaf, Complete booklet, VF, Facit $160.00, $95.00  

(H43ABC) Scott 312b/a, 5ore Bellman perf 3+4 sides Booklet, VF, Facit $1,000.00, $595.00

BS65 H43BCB (Scott 312a/b) 5ore Bellman, p. 4+3 sides, complete booklet, VF, Facit $850.00, $495.00  

BS67 (H45) Scott C8d, 20kr Swans, Complete Booklet of 2 panes of 10, used w/Stockholm cancel, quite rare, for unused Facit $3,300.00/Scott $2,700.00, $540.00  
BS70 (H53) Scott 312c, 5 ore Bellman Booklet with Cover type I, VF, Facit $620.00, $395.00  

(H55) Scott 313a, 15ore Sergel Booklet, VF, Facit $410.00, $260.00

BS76 (H56c) Scott 299c, 5ore Gustav V booklet, yellow green shade, VF, $20.00  
BS78 (H58) Scott 319a, 10 ore Nordic Museum Anniv. VF, Facit $110.00, $62.00  
BS79 (H59) Scott 323a, Hagelius booklet, VF, Facit $160.00, $75.00  
BS82 (H63I) Scott 332a, 10 ore Public School Anniv. Booklet Type I Ė Broken frame line variety, VF, Facit $165.00, $110.00  
BS83 (H64) Scott 335a, 5ore Scheele booklet, VF, $50.00  
BS84 (H64B) Scott 335a, 5 ore Scheele Booklet with cover type I, VF, Facit $910.00, $595.00  
BS86 (H65) Scott 341a, 20 ore Gustav Booklet, VF, Facit $300.00, $170.00  
BS90 (H70) Scott 357a, 20 ore Swedish Fleet Booklet, VF, Facit $120.00, $70.00  
BS94B (H75) Scott 368a, 10ore Savings Book booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS94D (H76) Scott 372a, 15ore Lund Cathedral booklet, partial reinforced panes, VF, $20.00  
BS94F (H77) Scott 373a, 20ore Lund Cathedral booklet, VF, $40.00  
BS94H (H79) Scott 379a, 10ore Tegner booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS94J (H80) Scott 382a, 20ore Nobel booklet, VF, $40.00  

(H82) Scott 389a, 10ore Gustav V booklet, VF, $6.00

BS94N (H83) Scott 390a, 20ore Gustav V booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS94NF (H85) Scott 403a, Pioneer Jubilee booklet, VF, $7.50  
BS94R (H89) Scott 410a, 15ore Lingiaden Booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS94T (H90) Scott 414a, 10ore UPU booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS94V (H91) Scott 415a, 20ore UPU booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS95B (H96) Scott 443a, 25ore Gustav VI booklet, VF, $30.00  
BS95C (H97) Scott B45a, 10+10ore Gustav booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS95H (H101) Scott 448a, 10ore Athletic Federation booklet, VF, $14.00  
BS95J (H102) Scott 451a, 25ore Stockholm Anniversary booklet, VF, $16.00  
BS95L (H104) Scott 455a, 25ore Telegraph Svc. Booklet, VF, $20.00  
BS95P (H109) Scott 476b, 25ore First Stamp booklet, VF, $5.00  

(H113) Scott 497a, 10ore Railways booklet, VF, $35.00

BS95U (H114) Scott 498a, 25ore Railways booklet, VF, $16.00  
BS95V (H115B) Scott 501a, 30ore Sea Rescue booklet, VF, $30.00  
BS96B (H117A2) Scott 517a, 30ore Gustav VI booklet, multiple sneds, VF, $60.00  
BS96F (H118A1b) Scott 516a, 20ore Gustav VI booklet, VF, $100.00  

(H118B) Scott 516a, 20ore Gustav VI booklet, VF, $25.00

BS96P (H123) Scott 531a, 30ore Steel Booklet, VF, $14.00  
BS96R (H125) Scott 536a, 30ore Lagerlof booklet, VF, $12.00  
BS96S (H126) Scott 540a, 30ore Water Power Board booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS96SF (H127) Scott B48a, Red Cross booklet, VF, $14.00  
BS96T (H128) Scott 543a, 15ore Von Heidenstam booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS96U (H129) Scott 546a, 30ore Crown Forest Board booklet, VF, $20.00  
BS96V (H130) Scott 549a, 15ore Arrhenius booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS96X (H132) Scott 555a, 20ore Refugee Year Booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS96Y (H133) Scott 558a, 15ore Shooting booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS96ZA (H135) Scott 566a, 15ore Branting booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS96ZB (H136) Scott 568a, 40ore S.A.S Scandinavian Airlines booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS97G (H138B Scott 582a, 20ore Gustav VI booklet, VF, $30.00  
BS97J H139 (Scott 584a) 30ore Gustaf VI booklet, VF, $12.00  

(H143B1) Scott 592b, 10krStone Booklet of 20, Facit $850.00, $495.00


BS98A (H144) Scott 606a, 20ore Nobel Prize booklet, VF, $4.50  
BS98E (H146) Scott 612a, 30ore Laws booklet, VF, $12.00  
BS98F (H147A) Scott 583a, 25ore Gustav VI booklet, VF, $13.00  
BS98FB H147D (Scott 583a) 25ore Gustaf VI, Postbanken ad reverse, VF, $18.00  
BS98G H147E (Scott 583a) 25ore Gustaf booklet, Frimarkshuset ad on reverse, $15.00  
BS98H (H147F) Scott 583a, 25ore Gustav VI booklet, scissors on reverse, VF, $22.00  
BS98M (H150) Scott 616a, 50ore Building booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS98N (H153) Scott 619a, 25ore 1902 Nobel booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS98P (H154) Scott 622a, 25ore Hockey booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS98Q (H155) Scott 625a, 35ore Hunger booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS98R (H156) Scott 628a, 50ore Industrial Skills booklet, VF, $25.00  
BS98RB (H157) Scott 632a, 25ore Medical Board Booklet, VF, $14.00  
BS98S (H158) Scott 633a, 35ore Medical Board booklet, VF, $12.00  

(H160) Scott 639a, 25ore Nobel Prize booklet, VF, Scott $16.00, $11.00

BS100A H161B (Scott 513a) 5ore design, VF, $2.00  
BS100B (H162) Scott 642a, 35ore Karlfeldt Booklet, $10.00  
BS100F H165D (Scott 669a) 40ore Gustaf VI, Postbanken ad reverse, VF, Facit $24.00, $13.00  
BS100G (H165E) Scott 669a, 40ore Gustav VI Booklet, Kolmardens ad reverse, VF, Facit $45.00, $24.00  
BS100H H165F2 (Scott 669a) 40ore Gustaf VI, new cover type, VF, Facit $24.00, $13.00  
BS101C (H167) Scott 675a, 30ore 1904 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS101D (H168) Scott 692a, 40ore Nobel Prize, VF, $15.00  
BS101E (H169) Scott 679a, 30ore 1965 Buildings Booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS101G (H170AO) Scott 682a, 60ore ITU Booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS101H (H171B) Scott 685a, 40ore Prince Eugen Booklet, VF, $6.50  
BS101I (H172) Scott 688a, 25ore Fredrika Bremer Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS101J (H173) Scott 691a, 30ore 1905 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $8.00
BS101K H174 (Scott 692a) 40ore Nobel Prize, VF, $15.00  
BS101L (H175) Scott 695a, 60ore Nathan Soderblom Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS101M (H176A) Scott 698a, Speed Skating Booklet, Swedish text, VF, $1.50  
BS101N (H176B) Scott 698a, Speed Skating Booklet, English text, VF, $1.50  
BS101P (H177A) Scott 699a, 30ore Nat'l Museum Booklet, VF, $1.20  
BS101PA (H177B) Scott 699a, 30ore National Museum booklet, no guide mark, VF, $30.00  
BS101R (H179) Scott 703a, 40ore Baron DeGeer Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS101S (H180A) Scott 706a, Court Theater Booklet, Swedish text, VF, $1.70  
BS101T (H180B) Scott 706a, Court Theater Booklet, English text, VF, $1.70  
BS101UB (H182) Scott B58a, Ships booklet, VF, $2.00  
BS101UBA H183 (Scott 712a) 30ore Nobel Prize, VF, $10.00  
BS101UBB (H184) Scott 713a, 40ore Nobel booklet, light gray cover, VF, $10.00  
BS101UDA (H187) Scott 718a, 70ore Fair Trade booklet, VF, $14.00  
BS101UDB (H188A) Scott 723a, 35ore The Fjeld booklet, without date, VF, $3.00  
BS101UE (H189) Scott 726a, 35ore Table Tennis booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS101UM (H191) Scott 732a, 35ore Settlers booklet, VF, $1.20  
BS101UN (H192) Scott 735a, 35ore Traffic booklet, VF, $2.00  
BS101UP (H193) Scott 736a, 45ore Traffic booklet, VF, $2.00  
BS101V (H195) Scott 756a, 5ore Postrider Booklet, VF, $1.00  
BS101Y (H198) Scott 768a 70ore Gustav VI Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS101Z H199 (Scott 768a) 70ore Gustaf VI, VF, $5.00  
BS102A H200 (Scott 771a) 35ore Nobel Prize, VF $6.00  
BS102B (H201) Scott 772a, 45ore 1907 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS102C (H202) Scott 775a, 35ore Franz Berwald Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS102D (H203) Scott 778a, 45ore Natíl Bank booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS102E (H204) Scott 779a, 70ore Nat'l Bank Booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS102F (H205A) Scott 786a, 45ore Wild Flowers Booklet, VF, $11.00  
BS102G (H205B) Scott 786a, 45ore Wild Flowers Booklet, VF, $11.00  
BS102H (H206) Scott 781a, 30ore Lunds University booklet, VF, $1.50  
BS102I (H207) Scott 789a, 75ore World Council of Churches Booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS102J (H208) Scott 759a, 40ore Dalsland Canal Booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS102K (H209) Scott 792a, 45ore People's College Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS102M (H211B) Scott 592a, 10kr Stone Booklet of 10, VF, Facit $325.00, $195.00  
BS102P (H212A) Scott C8b, 20kr Flying Swans Booklet, VF, $120.00  
BS102Q (H212B) Scott C8b, 20kr Flying Swans Booklet, VF, $100.00  
BS102R (H213) Scott 798a, Axel Petersson Booklet, VF, $3.40
BS102S (H214) Scott 803a, 30ore Animals Booklet, VF, $7.00  

BS102T H215-16 (Scott 806a-7a) 35ore & 45ore Nobel Prize booklets, VF, $7.00  
BS102V (H217) Scott 757a, 10ore Merchant Vessel Booklet, VF, $2.00  
BS102W (H218) Scott 672a, 50ore Gustav VI Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS102X (H219) Scott 672Bc, 55ore Gustav booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS102XA (H220) Scott 810a, Nordic Ship booklet, VF, $8.00  

BS103 H221 (Scott 813a) 55ore Worker, VF, $3.50  
BS103A (H222) Scott 816a, 70ore Europa 1969 Booklet, VF, $20.00  
BS103B (H223) Scott 819a, 35ore Engstrom booklet, VF, $2.50  
BS103C (H224) Scott 820a, 55ore Engstrom booklet, VF, $2.50  
BS103D (H225) Scott 830a, 55ore Warship Wasa Booklet, VF, $6.50  
BS103F (H227) Scott 834a, 55ore Bo Bergman Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS103G (H228B) Scott 841a, 35ore Fairy Tales Booklet, VF, $16.00  
BS103H (H229A) Scott 845a, 45ore 1909 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS103I (H230) Scott 846a, Nobel Prize booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS103J (H231) Scott 760a, 45ore Log Roller Booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS103K (H232) Scott 857a, 45ore Arctic Circle Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS103L H233 (Scott 860a) 55ore Glimminghus, VF, $3.00  
BS103M (H234A) Scott 866a, 70ore Trade & Industry Booklet, Swedish text, VF, $12.00  
BS103N (H234B) Scott 866a, 70ore Trade & Industry Booklet, English text, VF, $12.00  
BS103R (H236) Scott 869a, 55ore UN Anniversary Booklet, VF, $2.50  
BS103S (H237A) Scott 870a, 70ore UN Anniversary Booklet, Swedish text, VF, $3.50  
BS103T (H237B) Scott 870a, 70ore UN Anniversary Booklet, English text, VF, $3.50  
BS103U (H238A) Scott 877a, 30ore Birds Booklet, VF, $9.00  
BS103V (H239) Scott 881a, 45ore 1910 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS103W (H240) Scott 882a, 55ore 1910 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS103X (H241) Scott 885a, 45ore Hesselgren Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS103Y (H242) Scott 888a, 55ore 1971 Refugees Booklet, VF, $4.50  
BS104 (H244) Scott 672Fg, 85ore Gustav booklet, VF, Facit $16.00, $8.50  
BS104A (H244kn) Scott 672Fg, 85ore Gustav booklet w/kn variety, VF, $16.00  
BS104B (H245) Scott 891a, Abstract Music booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS104C (H246) Scott 672De, 65ore Gustav booklet, VF, Facit $19.00, $10.00  
BS104D (H247) Scott 898a, 65ore Road Safety Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS104G (H248C) Scott 903a, 65ore Crown Regalia Booklet, VF, $7.50  
BS104H (H249B) Scott 908a, 35ore Christmas Customs Booklet, VF, $17.50  
BS104HA (H249Bv) Scott 908a, 35ore Christmas booklet w/197 instead of1971 variety, VF, $29.00  
BS104HC H250 (Scott 262a) 65ore Holgersson, VF, $3.00  
BS104J (H251A) Scott 912a, 55ore 1911 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS104K (H252) Scott 913a, 65ore 1911 Nobel Prize Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS104L (H253) Scott 918a, Women Athletes booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS104N (H255) Scott 932a, 55ore 1972 Tourist Attractions Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS104P (H256) Scott 934a, Environment Emblem booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS104Q (H257) Scott 935a, 85ore Environment Conservation Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS104R (H258) Scott 748, 75ore Windmills booklet, VF, $7.50  
BS104S (H259) Scott 950a, Stockholmia 74 Booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS104T (H260) Scott 945a, 75ore Swedish Art Booklet, VF, $3.60  
BS104U (H261C) Scott 952a, 45ore Christmas 1972 Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS104V H262 (Scott 985a) Pane of Gustaf VI Birthday, VF, $5.00  
BS104W (H263A) Scott 990a, 60ore Mail Coach Booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS104X (H264) Scott 993a, 1kr Royal Theater 200th Anniversary Booklet, VF, $2.50  
BS104Y (H265) Scott 963a, 75ore Gustav VI Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS104Z (H266) Scott 998a, 65ore 1973 Tourist Attractions Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS105DA H270 (Scott 1014a) Pane of 10, VF, $9.00  
BS105E (H271) Scott 1024a, 45ore Peasant Paintings Booklet, VF, $3.50  
BS105F (H272) Scott 1035a, Skiing booklet, VF, $7.50  
BS105G (H273) Scott 1044a, Stockholmia '74 Booklet, VF, $2.90  
BS105H (H274) Scott 1040, 75ore Ystad booklet, VF, $4.50  
BS105I (H275) Scott 1077a, 75ore Carl XVI Gustaf Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS105IA (H275B) Scott 1077a, 75ore Carl XVI Gustaf Askwall booklet, VF, $35.00  
BS105J (H276) Scott 1085a, 75ore UPU Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS105K (H277) Scott 1091a, 65ore West Coast Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS105L (H278) Scott 1092a, 45ore Publicist's Club Booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS105M (H279) Scott 1100a, 1kr Seafaring Booklet, VF, $4.50  
BS105N (H280) Scott 1111a, 75ore Int'l Women's Year Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS105P (H281) Scott 1078a, 90ore Carl XVI Gustaf Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS105Q (H282) Scott 1128a, 75ore European Architecture Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS105R (H283) Scott 1133a, 90ore Public Service Organizations Booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS105S (H284) Scott 1142a, 55ore Hedgehog booklet, VF, $2.50  
BS105T (H285A-type I) Scott 1145a, 55ore Religious Art Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS105V (H286A) Scott 1148a, 90ore Religious Art Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS105W (H287) Scott 1079a, 1kr Carl XVI Gustaf Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS105X (H288) Scott 1155a, 85ore Auks Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS105Y (H289) Scott 1156a, 1kr Lace Maker Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS105Z (H290) Scott 1170a, Angermanland booklet, VF, $5.50  
BS106A (H291) Scott 1165a, 1kr Royal Wedding Booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS106AF (H292) Scott 1182a, 1.30kr Technology Pioneers booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS106AH (H293) Scott 1190, 65ore Book Painting booklet, VF, $10.00  
BS106AL (H294) Scott 1192, 1kr Book Painting booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106AP (H295) Scott 1080a, 1.10kr Carl XVI Gustav booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106AQ (H296) Scott 1200a, 95ore Keep Fit Activities booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS106AR (H297) Scott 1201a, 75ore Oskar Andersson booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS106B (H298) Scott 1207a, 95ore Roslagen Booklet, VF, $6.00
BS106C (H299B) Scott 1209a, 1.10kr Uppsala University Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106D (H300) Scott 1214a, 1.40kr Gotland Ponies Booklet, VF, $3.50  
BS106E (H301C) Scott 1219a, 75ore Wild Berries Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS106EC (H302) Scott 1224a, 1.10kr Local Transport booklet, VF, $3.00  
BS106EE (H304) Scott 1230a, 110ore Christmas booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS106EF (H303) Scott 1228a, 75ore Christmas booklet, VF, $4.00  
BS106EJ (H305) Scott 1081a, 1.30kr Carl XVI Gustav booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS106EL (H306) Scott 1241a, 90ore Communion booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106F (H307) Scott 1247a, 1.30kr Travels of Linne Booklet, VF, $4.80  
BS106G (H308) Scott 1252a, 1.15kr Vastergotland Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS106H (H309) Scott 1258a, 1.70kr Coronation Carriage Booklet, VF, $5.00
BS106I (H310A) Scott 1264a, 1.15kr Mushrooms Booklet, VF, $4.20  
BS106J (H311) Scott 1268a, 90ore Old Toys booklet, VF, $5.50  
BS106K (H312) Scott 1270a, 1.30kr Christmas 1978 Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS106L (H313) Scott 1277a, Dove Booklet, VF, $36.00  
BS106M (H314) Scott 1284a, 1.30kr Agriculture Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS106N (H315) Scott 1290a, Gota Canal booklet, VF, $3.90  
BS106P (H316) Scott 1303a, 1.70kr Marine Research Booklet, VF, $4.50  
BS106R (H318) Scott 1309a, 1.30kr Folk Costumes Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS106S (H319) Scott 1317a, 11.50kr Renewable Energy Booklet, VF, $6.50  
BS106T (H320) Scott 1318a, 1.30kr Princess Victoria & King Gustaf Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106TM (H321RT) Scott 1323a, 20kr Dove booklet w/unlisted RT variety, VF, $45.00  
BS106U (H322) Scott 1330a, 1.15 Halsingland Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106V (H323) Scott 1082a, 1kr/50ore Carl XVI Gustaf Booklet, VF, $7.00  
BS106W (H324) Scott 1336a, 1.15kr Comic Strips Booklet, VF, $5.00  
BS106X (H325) Scott 1338a, 1.50kr Comic Strips Booklet, VF, $6.00  
BS106Y (H326) 1342a, 14kr 1980 Nobel Prize Winners booklet, VF, $8.00  
BS106Z (H327) 1344a, 20kr 1980 Nobel Prize Winners, booklet, VF, $11.00  
BS107A (H328) Scott 1339a, 1.25kr Christmas 1980 Booklet, VF, $7.20  

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